New Roads from Eskişehir City Center to the Countryside

eskisehir kirsala d
eskisehir kirsala d

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality continues to work in the rural areas as well as the works carried out in the city center. During the 2018 year, the Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department carried out a total of approximately 300 kilometers in the countryside. In the city center, 20 performed approximately 20 mile hot asphalt pavement in different streets.

Metropolitan Municipality teams 2018 in the center of Eskisehir Suleyman Cakir Caddesi, Cengiz Topel Street, MK Ataturk Street, Yunusemre Street, University Boulevard, Nilufer Street, Çilem Street, Sakarya 1 and 2 streets, such as 20 separate avenue and boulevard made hot asphalt pavement works. In the city center, 20 street 17,2 hot asphalt work teams, Çilem Street, Nilufer Street, Dumlupinar Street, Yenikent Park, Buyukpark, Station Open Parking area in the center of the city center, such as 38.400 square meter tierre and square was the signature. Teams, tramway works on the streets of the superstructure construction maintenance and repair work continues.

In the various districts of the rural districts, 245 covered the surface and 140 km and MnUMX kilometer and mechanical materials were used. In the last season, the roads, authorities and responsibility of the roads in terms of season conditions suitable for asphalt pavement in the spring months to begin work on infrastructure and superstructure, Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department, the winter months of the snow shoveling and salting against icing to ensure safe transportation of citizens continues.

In 2019, the Metropolitan Municipality teams will continue the road works for the transportation of Eskişehir people in a safe and comfortable way and stated that they will continue to serve in the 14 districts and 539 neighborhoods on the roads, authorities and responsibility.

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