Eskişehir Metropolitan from the intense fight with snow

Contact Eskişehir directly
Contact Eskişehir directly

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality, with the snowfall began to show its effect in the city center in the countryside in the streets and boulevards of the uninterrupted efforts to combat snow.

The teams of the Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department accelerated their efforts to combat snow and ice in roads that became unfit for transportation with snowfall starting at night. Metropolitan Municipality teams continue to work in Eskişehir central districts and neighborhoods and where snowfall is intense, such as İnönü, Mihalıççık, Seyitgazi and Sivrihisar. Approximately 100 in the neighborhood started the work of the citizens stating that the transportation barrier is eliminated, Eskişehir to make the road safe for drivers in terms of the necessary work to be done, said the measures against snowfall were taken.

Eskişehirspor facilities, which became unfit for training due to snowfall, the Metropolitan Municipality officials who carried out snow plowing works, said that the salting work was carried out on bus routes, main streets and emergency services entrance of hospitals, and warned the drivers to install winter tires in their vehicles and to have a chain in their vehicles.



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