EMO Resets Transport Minister and TCDD General Director to Resign

Emo calls for resignation with TCDD General Minister
Emo calls for resignation with TCDD General Minister

The Board of Directors of the Chamber of Electrical Engineers made a press statement in which they shared their initial findings within the scope of the technical examination conducted for the train accident in Ankara. The Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, who was the main person responsible for the accident, and the General Director of TCDD called for the resignation.

The written statement from the Chamber of Electrical Engineers is as follows; “On the 13th of December 2018 at 06.36da Ankara-Konya seferini yapan Yüksek Hızlı Trenin (YHT) Ankarada Marşandiz9 citizens lost their lives and 86 citizens were injured after colliding with the train. We would like to express our condolences to the families of our fellow citizens who lost their lives, and to those who are injured in the accident.

From the first moment of the accident, our top union TMMOB and our chamber have been followed up by the delegations and the reasons of the accident have been studied. In the context of the technical report about the negligence that led to the accident, it was necessary to explain our first findings with the idea of ​​informing the public correctly.

On the day of the accident, the rescue of the wounded and immediately after the prosecutor's investigation of the delegation to the scene of the accident because of the introduction of the series of negligence in later hours began to become even more apparent.

13 December Day 06.30da Ankara GarıThe YHT flight from Konya to Konya was collided headlong in the Marşandiz area during the night, checking the train lines by night. The fact that both trains were on the move increased the size of the losses in the disaster.

It is clear that the trains carrying YHT flights had to change the scissors and go on the other line while they were on the wrong line while they were on the way to the depot. The most important cause of this catastrophe is the lack of signaling in this line. According to the first examinations of our committee, the fact that the signaling system, which is the most basic component of the modern rail transportation systems, is opened to the transportation without completion, has invited this disaster. The communication of the mechanic and the personnel in charge of the control by radio / telephone has created areas open to human error in rail transportation.

United Transport Workers Unionnın verilerine göre TürkiyeThe 12 thousand 534 kilometers of the 5 thousand 534 kilometers are signaled. The traffic in the remaining part is managed by radio / telephone from the center. In order to ensure safe transportation on railways, signaling must be completed immediately. In addition, the trains were restarted after the accident was completed and the debris removal works were completed. The danger persists due to the opening of the line without the lack of signaling.

Sayıştayın Ulaştırma Denizcilik ve Haberleşme Bakanlığı 2017 yılı denetleme raporu da demiryollarında yaşanan zafiyeti açıkça ortaya koymaktadır. Rapora göre Kars-Tiflis DemiryoluAlthough the cost of 2.8 has been overpayed, a significant portion of the productions mentioned in the project have not been completed because the contract price has been filled, while the electrification, signaling and telecommunication production has not been made in the contract. Despite all these deficiencies, Kars-Tbilisi Railway Line was opened to trade.

16 Annual Heavy Balance Sheet: Infrastructure with Material for Selection Shows Incomplete Projects

TCDD General Managernün geçtiğimiz günlerde TBMM KİT Komisyonu8 25 in July and 24 citizens who lost our lives in the explanations of the explanations of the fact that the Çorlu Railway Disorder clearly revealed. In his statements, the General Manager stated that all of the high-speed train lines are monitored by XNUMX watches and that security is at the highest level. The Director General, who did not give any information about the signaling, mentioned investments in infrastructure and maintenance operations. However, when the rail transport systems in the world are examined carefully, it is seen that the most basic requirement and the sine qua non is the signaling system.

AKPnin 16 yıllık iktidarı boyunca özellikle de seçim dönemlerinde "büyük" projelerini apar topar işletmeye aldığı, bilimi ve tekniği göz ardı ettiği görülmektedir. Kamunun kaynaklarını sorumsuzca ve ederinin üstünde bedellerle ihale eden siyasal iktidar bilimi ve tekniği hiçe sayarak, seçim şovlarıyla süslediği projeleri işletmeye almış ve yurttaşlarımızın can ve mal güvenliğini tehlikeye atmıştır. Bu da yetmezmiş gibi yurttaşlarımızın gündelik yaşamlarını direkt ilgilendiren yatırımlarda kesintiye gitmiştir. Diyanet İşleri Başkanlığı2019 budget of the year 7.7 billion pounds 12.5 billion pounds, by increasing the budget of the investment ministries 4e katlamıştır. Bütçede Bilim, Sanayi ve Teknoloji BakanlığıThe budget of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure has been reduced by 56 and 56.5.

The track record of the AKP government is swollen: Although it has been repeatedly declared that it is against the principles of urban transportation, it is filled with engineering errors, and it aims to win the profits and elections, not only the interests of the public, but also the interests of the public, in the projects where the requirements of engineering and science must be fulfilled. approaches lead to the loss of our citizens' lives.

13 The Minister of Transport and Infrastructure and the General Manager of TCDD, who are the main responsible of the accident in December, should resign, and the infrastructure deficiencies required for the safe operation of railway expeditions, including signalization, should be completed urgently.



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