Traffic Rules Seminar was given to the staff of Elazig Municipality

elazig municipality staff was given a traffic rules seminar
elazig municipality staff was given a traffic rules seminar

A seminar on ”Traffic Rules gil for the personnel of Elazığ Municipality was given. Staff of the seminar organized by Elazig Municipality Directorate of Regions was of great interest to the seminar.

In order to provide faster and quality service they aim to provide benefits to the citizens with seminars organized by Elazığ Municipality Editor Mehmet Emin Enez Editor, periodically organized seminars will be noted.

Elazığ Municipality Hazar Meeting Hall, Elazığ Police Department Traffic Branch Manager Cengiz Yeğen, the staff of the municipality, before and after the car maintenance, technical and general traffic information to be obeyed, general information about traffic rules gave training. Personnel were informed about vehicle braking systems, follow-up distance, speed limit, importance of safety belt, violation of rules and risk behaviors, right of crossing at crossroads and red light violation, stop, pause, loading and unloading, mobile phone use and safe driving.


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