Third Prize in Efficiency Project Awards is given to KARDEMİR

efficiency in the project room
efficiency in the project room

KARDEMİR was awarded the third prize in the “Large Scale Business Process Improvement” category at the 2018 Productivity Project Awards, organized by the Ministry of Industry and Technology to support the efficiency efforts in enterprises aimed at increasing our country's competitiveness and to encourage projects carried out in this field.

The 2018 Productivity Project Awards, which aim to support the increase in productivity in businesses and contribute to the spread of efficiency awareness and good practice examples, were distributed to their owners at a ceremony held at the KOSGEB Administration on December 18.

The award was presented to the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Kamil Güleç by the Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank. The event was also attended by Deputy Director General Mansur Yeke, Deputy Director of Rolling Mill Serkan Atamer and Industrial Engineering Director Zeren Karaarslan.

Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank stated that sustainable development has become possible with high efficiency. Kavram The concept of efficiency, in fact, has a very important place in our ancient tradition as a prevention of waste. We have to avoid wasting on the basis of our faith. Therefore, our aim is to spread the understanding of efficiency in every part of our society and to launch a new productivity movement. Bu

Kardemir deserved to receive this award by being carefully selected from among the companies that were evaluated by on-site examinations by 98 independent evaluators in the competition where 21 project applications were made. kazanwas.

After the ceremony, Chairman of the Board Kamil Güleç; Ünde As in all sectors, there is a sharp competition in the iron and steel industry. It is possible for companies to increase their competitiveness with efficiency. If you cannot run the businesses efficiently, you cannot compete in the market, you cannot take part in the market. We are proud of the project prepared by our friends. I would like to thank all my colleagues who have contributed to the project, and I wish the continuity of such projects. Efficiency will always be our focus in our company. Şirket

In 2015, Kardemir received the second prize in the Large Scale Process Improvement category with the "Increasing Continuous Rolling Mill Operation Efficiency Project".

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