Istanbul Street Opened to Car Traffic in Düzce

duzcede istanbul street
duzcede istanbul street

Approximately 1.5 years ago 'Pedestrianization Project' within the scope of the vehicle transition to Istanbul Street was closed to traffic again this morning. Dursun Ay, the Mayor of Düzce, where we received information about the phone on the subject, announced that the road has been reverted by the decision of the Provincial Traffic Commission. He emphasized that there is an impact of the intense demand coming from the public to the traffic.

The expected development for months has become official with the decision of the arı Provincial Traffic Commission A. Istanbul Street, which has been opened for traffic for months, was opened for the passage of vehicles.

Dursun Ay, the Mayor of Düzce, where we received information via telephone, passed both the questionnaires and the interviews with the citizens and tradesmen and told that the demand for the opening of İstanbul Street to the vehicle traffic was communicated to them.

The Provincial Traffic Commission gathered every month and pointed out that these demands were also discussed. In the last meeting chaired by Zülkif Dağlı, the street was restored and it was decided to open the vehicle again.

Debate for Istanbul Street, which was closed to traffic in the scope of Duzce Municipality's Pedestrianization Project in July, did not end in the 2017 chaired by Mehmet Keles.

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Those who wanted to reopen the road because of increasing difficulties in traffic, penal and motorcycle drivers continued to enter the road, and those who wanted to open the road again due to reasons such as the negative effect of the tradesmen were frustrated.

On the other hand, the Istanbul Caddesi Pedestrianization Project, where tram lines were laid, new intersections were made and signs placed, were laid on dusty shelves as a project where taxes paid by citizens were wasted!

On the other hand, the Governorship of Duzce made a written statement about the subject. The statement said: “Provincial Traffic Commission, Governor, On the date of 30 November 2018 under the chairmanship of Zülkif Dağlı, the meeting was held at the Governor's Office Meeting Hall and the following decisions were taken; For the purpose of trial, Istanbul Street, which is closed to the vehicle traffic, and the west part of the part between Atatürk Bulvarı and Mehmet Akif Street will be opened to traffic as a single direction. Accordingly, due to the opening of Istanbul Street traffic to the other side roads and connected with the street has been regulated. The infrastructure works, traffic signs and signs and maintenance and repair works of the road will be carried out by Düzce Municipality. We hope that the new regulation will be beneficial for the traffic flow and safety of our province and will be presented with respect to the information of the public. Yeni

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