The 'Locomotives' of Transportation from Yesterday to Today

locomotives of transport
locomotives of transport

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Behice Tezçakar Özdemir's book 'History of Empire from the Empire to the Republic' in the book, the development of the railway from yesterday to today were also examined.

When we call the railway, many of us think about the train stations that are hosting the sad farewell or happy reunion scenes in the movies. But the vast rails extend far beyond these stories. While trains are the main drivers of freight and passenger transportation throughout history, nostalgic trams in urban transport have been the pulses of human traffic between neighborhoods since the day it was established.

Iron networks in Anatolia

For us, the history of the railways is quite old. The first railway line opened on the basis of the Ottoman Empire was the Alexandria-Cairo line, which was introduced at 1854. Anatolian territory was first met at 1856 by rail. Prof. Dr. Behice Tezçakar Özdemir's book 'History of the Empire from the Empire to the Republic' According to the information in the first railway line between Izmir-Aydin laid the signature of the British threw. The British acquired a second concession to project the Izmir-Kasaba line at the 4 July 1863, delivering the railway to the 27 kilometer distant to the town. The opening was made at 1866. Siemens provided the electrification and iron and steel services required by the İzmir-Kasaba railway in the years of 1867, 1868, 1871 and 1873.

Rumeli's first rails

Izmir line, before the Station Station 1865'de, 66 kilometers away Manisa was delivered. During the period of the Ottoman Empire, the first railway line of the European side, ie Rumelia, was laid in the direction of Tuna-Boğazköy. Following Constanta and Bogazkoy, Varna and Ruse were connected by rails. Electrification service was provided to Xanthi-Boğazköy line on the Constanta-Boğazköy line during 1862, 1863, 1864 and 1865,1866 and on the Tuna-Boğazköy line to 1871.

Electric trams

Trams were used in intercity transportation while tramways were preferred for urban transportation. 19. 370 thousand people living in Istanbul in the 17th century were using cars pulled by animals for land transportation. Among these, the most efficient and modern were horse-drawn tramways. The tramway was first used in 1871, on the Azapkapı-Galata-Tophane-Beşiktaş route. In the realization of the first electric tram system of Istanbul, Siemens-Schuckertwerke worked hard with the project management it was running from Berlin. Electric trams, which became indispensable after this development, were first used in 16 August 1913 at Pera.

No more trains 'high speed'

Meanwhile, not only in Turkey but all over the world over the years, major advances in the field of transportation as it is experienced in all areas and associated changes. Cars and buses as well as airplanes were preferred among the cities. 2009 is the year of the railway to gain importance again. With the start of Turkey's first high-speed train between Ankara and Eskisehir to serve especially it entered a new era in passenger transport. Thus the rail and electrical systems, which are suitable for high-speed trains, began to slowly roll over all dormitories. The trains, equipped with the latest technology, became the 'locomotive' of the transportation sector.

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