Yesterday and Today Railways


It was perhaps one of the most critical days of the War of Independence. The Turkish nation was one step behind the life and death war. Behiç Bey, who assumed responsibility for the railways in the war, received a telegram. The sender is Atatürk: hızlandır Accelerate the shipment; remove trains at full speed; The answer was very striking: “This line is not available to travel at 40 kilometers. We might not even be able to make a single shipment. I got your order; therefore I did not apply. I'm waiting for your second order! ”Atatürk immediately gives a brief answer: nasıl How you see it fit!” The trains run like clockwork and open the way to victory.

Behiç Bey, as an Ottoman officer, discovered the errors in the railway operation in 1912 by comparing them with the system of the 4 country. He publishes his work as an 300-page book. However, foreign executives do not honor Behiç Bey's views. What they could not have guessed at that time was that Behiç Bey would transform this information into a railway network that would affect the fate of the War of Independence.

The occupation forces dismiss all managers in the railway enterprise. 95 percent of the employees are non-Muslim and the majority of them are of Greek origin. Enemies are comfortable now. The Turks can never operate the system: those who betrayed the non-Muslims flee and took refuge in the Greek forces. Behiç Bey dismisses the rest. He replaces them with Turkish employees and operates the railways in his own way. He brings critical materials from Istanbul in secret ways. He gets a story. A study was initiated to fire all non-Muslims working.

In Ankara, the Executive Deputies (Council of Ministers) meetings are almost printed. Az Why should we dismiss loyal employees? I can't operate the system with unskilled novices. If you make such a decision, this will also cause me to resign! ”He walks out of the room without waiting for an answer and turns his head. Speaking is Atatürk: “Where are you going?” Behiç Bey answers: “Konya, sir…” Atatürk gives instructions this time: edin Continue the program exactly! You will receive a telegram from me. ”The telegram comes: kimse No one will be dismissed from work, but then non-Muslims will not be employed.”
Homeland was saved. The idea of ​​transferring the railway to foreigners gained more weight. Behiç Bey, the applicant went to İnönü's office. He demanded nationalization with the following words: eniz If you want, I will sign and give you the promises that the Turks will operate perfectly. Du He established the railway school and museum. Trained talented staff. He changed the language of business from French to Turkish. He became the founding General Manager of the State Railways.

In the 1933 for the Tenth Year Anthem opened a competition. Famous poets Faruk Nafiz Çamlıbel and Behçet Kemal Çağlar's collaboration was appreciated. The lyrics were composed by Cemal Reşit Bey. Atatürk wished to see the words. // We went out every battle in ten years with open forehead / In ten years we created fifteen million young people of all ages / First of all the world counted Commander / A chimney rising, incessantly every slope // Atatürk drew the last string and wrote: he turned to Behiç Bey: iniz Your ten-year labor was not seen. I fixed it. ”
Atatürk personally gave 37 a surname. One of them is Behiç Bey, whom he named “Erkin”. Erkin means: en He can act independently regardless of the conditions! ”Behiç Bey passed to eternity at 1961. Upon his will, he was buried in the area where İzmir-Ankara-Istanbul lines meet in Eskişehir where he served as the General Manager.

Where we come from. It is good that Mr. Behiç did not see these days! Our co-founder ancestors who run the railways around the clock without money, resources and personnel and contribute to the victory of the Battle of the Square, and the state-wide leadership that embraces Behiç Bey, despite today's executives, turn the railways into a death line! So first of all, to turn this wheel, you need a high soul wealth. Loyalty is needed without waiting for the homeland and nation. Rail personnel should not be sent to duty without training. We need brave railway managers with initiative, who will not take responsibility in extraordinary circumstances and say “Yes sir, basket sir efendim…. State-wide arrogance and arrogance-free leaders are needed. We miss our founder ancestors very, very much… (National)

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