Eskihisar-Tavsanli Line Ferries to 50

discount up to 50 on the ferry line
discount up to 50 on the ferry line

Negmar is signing the ında Biggest Discount of the Year ş campaign on the Eskihisar-Tavşanlı ferry line in the context of ûn Total Fight with Inflation Neg. Negmar announced that 14 will implement a discount of up to 18.00 on all vehicle and pedestrian crossings during December.

Negmar, the innovative and competitive brand of maritime transport, has reduced the number of 50s on its ferry schedule in the Eskihisar-Tavşanlı line. 14 December Time The discount to start at 18.00 includes all vehicle types, pedestrian and student fees.

According to the new tariff, all passenger cars will pay 30 TL for one-way crossing, 55 TL for round trip, 35 TL for one way crossing, TL 65 for round trip, TL for 60 for one-way transit, 115 TL for one-way pass, TL for 90 for round trip . 175 TL for one way crossing of trucks, 8 TL for round-trip transfers while motorcycles will pay one way 12 TL, round trip 1,5 TL. 1 TL from the pedestrian, students will be charged XNUMX TL.

With the bir Biggest Discount of the Year Mücadele campaign, Negmar will also contribute significantly to the ve Total Struggle with Inflation ”program by reducing the logistics costs of its corporate and individual customers.

Negmar has pioneered the delivery of fast, competitive and high quality service on the Eskihisar line where 220 / 2013 has been serving since 7 with its modern ferries, 24 employees in its old wharfs, Eskihisar and Tavşanlı.

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