Two Important Awards to DHMİ

dhmiye two important odul
dhmiye two important odul

DHMİ, which is one of the most ambitious organizations of the world aviation with the projects it has implemented and its superior service concept, crowned its achievements with two prestigious awards.

State Airports Administration (SAMA) General Directorate of Turkey's 500 Largest Exporter Service Awards ceremony taking place among the most successful exporters in the 'Port and Ground Services' branch was third.

With the support of Ministry of Commerce of Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) organized by Turkey's Top 500 Exporters Service Awards ceremony was held. In line with the data obtained, the General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMİ) was among the most successful exporters and achieved the third place in the 'Port and Ground Handling' branch.

Following the third prize, DHMİ General Manager Funda Ocak shared a post on his social media account and said, “As the DHMİ community, we were honored to be among the organizations that were awarded. Outstanding efforts of our organization by being among the most successful exporters of Turkey 'Port and Ground Services' branch that make the precious 3rd I thank my colleagues, "he said.

“We will speed up our work”

Emphasizing that the efforts will continue without slowing down for the continuation of the success in the sector, Ocak said, “We are not satisfied with these achievements we are proud of. In the upcoming period, we have new projects and targets to further increase our success. We will accelerate our work in order to increase the quality of service provided at the airports and ensure the continuity of flight safety. In the coming period, our new investments will continue to increase our airport terminal capacities. Istanbul Airport opened by the President of Turkey to the airways' World's Transit Center will do and will further solidify the current advantageous position "has included the statements.

“We are locked into the target of increasing growth rates in exports”

Drawing attention to the issue of increasing export figures in the upcoming period, General Manager Funda Ocak said, “This prestigious award, which makes the DHMİ family proud, will be a source of morale and motivation for our company that takes firm steps towards the future. Common sense, team spirit and innovative approach to Turkey's increasing growth rates in exports in line with the targets for 2023, we are locked on target. Turkey is confident that the wait for better days in the civil aviation, as in all areas and that we are working day and night for it, "he said.


The 18th Ordinary General Assembly of the Union of Turkish World Engineers and Architects was held at Gazi University Cultural Center.

President of the Autonomous Republic of Gagauz Irina Vlah and a large number of guests at the general assembly, VIII. Special Awards of Eurasia Festivals were presented to the owners.

DHMİ Chairman and General Manager Funda Ocak shared the following from the social media account:

“We participated in the ordinary general assembly of the Union of Engineers and Architects of the Turkish World.

In the General Assembly, I was very honored and happy to receive the “Eurasian Special Architecture Award”, which was deemed worthy for our achievements in the planning, design and construction phase of Istanbul Airport, the biggest project of the history of the Republic, which makes the Turkish World proud with us.

I wish success to our esteemed engineers and architects who dedicate their life to the development and development of the Turkic World and walk together towards new goals. "




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