14 Pedestrian Overpass from Denizli Metropolitan Area

marines big city 14 pedestrian
marines big city 14 pedestrian

14 pedestrian overpass, which has been provided by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality to the present day, provides great comfort in transportation and prevents loss of life and property. In order to keep the life safety of the citizens at higher level, they added these works to Denizli. Mayor Osman Zolan said, leri We have made a good sea view and we will continue to do so Vat.

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has provided 14 pedestrian overpass to the city in order to make the passage of pedestrians safer in traffic within the scope of transportation investments. Overpasses, especially in the areas where urban traffic is fast, provided great comfort in traffic, and prevented the loss of life and property. While the traffic of the people of the region is ensured by the overpasses made in the regions where vehicle flow is dense, these works have brought a completely different appearance to the entrance and exit of Denizli. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality within this scope, Deliktaş, Pelitlibağ, İncilipınar, Kayıhan, Dokuzkavaklar, Yunus Emre, Hospital, University, Sevindik, Karşıyaka, Bakırlı, Şehit Er Doğan Acar and Triangle (2) have made 14 pedestrian overpass so far.

“We made our way to the sea“

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Osman Zolan said, lim Our sea is growing day by day. In order to keep the life safety of our citizens in the regions where there is a heavy traffic flow, we have added these works to our city. We have made our way to the sea, we will continue to do, Deniz he said. Finally, in order to make the pedestrians safer in Üçgen Köprülü Intersections, the 2 pedestrian overpass has become operational. President Osman Zolan said, X We continue to work to fulfill the wishes of our inhabitants. We said, 'We are here to serve'. The Metropolitan will continue to make greater services. Büyük

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