You are not guilty in the train disaster in Çorlu

You are not sucuk
You are not sucuk

Bilgin, who lost four relatives in the accident, reacted to TCDD General Manager Apaydın, who said that 'rain' was responsible for the train disaster in Çorlu: "It is not the rain that is responsible, those who made this statement"

8 In July, the General Manager of TCDD stated that the 25 was killed and 317 was injured in Çorlu district of Tekirdağ.

TCDD General Manager who came to the agenda with ları blocking ları citizens who lost their relatives in the massacre on social media İsa Apaydınsaid the accident was due to "excessive rainfall" and claimed that the TCDD did not have any negligence. Apaydın speaking at the Parliamentary Commission of the KIT and referring to the fact that opposition MPs pointed to the cause of the accident, claiming that the accident did not take place because of this: 70 kilograms of precipitation fell to the area of ​​the accident, Kazan he said.

Apaydın'in explanations, the victims reacted. Aysun Kose, who lost her 14 year old daughter, two siblings and six-year-old niece in the disaster, who lost her daughter Sena and her nephews Gülce and Özge Dikmen, told BirGün.

'Responsibility in TCDD'
Stating that the rain is the D least criminal T in the disaster, Bilgin stated that the responsibility was in TCDD. Bilgin reminded that the necessary maintenance and repair work has not taken place with security camera images. Ortaya Those who are responsible for the accident are the major responsible. 25 we lost is trying to throw their responsibility away without asking the person's account, Kay he said.

Explaining that three months after the investigation opened an expert report but Mustafa Karaşahin'ın preparing the report that is not reliable Bilgin, "This is a commercial relationship with the institution should not accept the laundering report of the person," he said.

Aysun Köse said, ı The incident has come to this point, and every one of them is hurting my life. And one day I'm saying everyone's gonna apologize. I live by waiting that day and I will see it when I live. Ben

Kose said, sorun I'm sure most of them now suspect that, he knew there would be a problem on the way. Just İsa Apaydın not other employees as well. I leave it to their conscience. Are they able to continue with their peace of mind? Can they easily swallow the bread they receive? Sometimes I ask the employees to come up: why is the road not enough to speed up the train? Nobody can answer properly. Kimse

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