Concrete Road Application in Eskişehir Started in İnönü

concrete road application in Eskisehir started inonude
concrete road application in Eskisehir started inonude

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality signed another first in Eskişehir with its concrete road application. As the material used in the asphalt pavement came from abroad and it was expensive, the 'Concrete Road' application by the Metropolitan Municipality was started in İnönü.

President Büyükerşen examined the work on the ground, especially in rural areas, especially in the city by extending this application to minimize the dependence on foreign countries underlined.

Metropolitan Municipality of İnönü has realized another first in the city with its concrete road works. Turkey's attempted and successful results obtained in various cities 'Concrete Road' application began with studies conducted in Inonu. Roadworks Teams, who were informed theoretically about the application at Taşbaşı Cultural Center Red Hall, conducted a concrete road trial at the end of the week. In practice, the material consisting of a mixture of domestic cement, aggregate and water was laid with paver and compressed by cylinders.

President Büyükerşen, who examined the concrete road construction works on-site, said, “Asphalt material we buy from abroad with big money is a big burden in terms of economy. In addition, being dependent on foreign sources in this regard makes us extremely sad. When the President of the Industrial Zone, Nadir Kupeli, offered to do a trial on the concrete road, we immediately accepted. Even in America, which has no shortage of oil, I used to think, why can't we do it while highways are built like concrete roads? The reason why Americans prefer concrete road is that it is both long-lasting and economical. We wanted to come and see the work carried out by our teams at Road Services over the weekend. As far as I can see, a very comfortable and high quality road has emerged. This is a very pleasing result for us. Our intention is to prefer such concrete roads throughout the city, especially rural roads. From the workforce kazanI hope that this application, which will be durable, long-lasting and more economical by reducing foreign dependency, will be beneficial for our city.” Chairman Büyükerşen thanked the Organized Industrial Zone Chairman of the Board Nadir Kupeli and the Ceo of the Turkish Cement Manufacturers' Association İsmail Bulut and the union officials who supported them in this regard.

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