China Strives to Produce the World's Fastest Trains


The world's fastest train trains bullets in China but continues to work to ensure the leadership of China. Qi Yanhui, Vice President of Technology and Information at the Chinese Railways Corporation, says efforts to increase the speed of high-speed trains continue. The new locomotives, which started to be used in the last year, are the fastest long-distance trains in the world.

Acak We will definitely work in this area, but it is difficult to predict time,. Qi said on Monday. In order to increase the speed of trains, detailed experiments should be carried out and there should be a demand from the industry.
Tests in progress

China, which has the world's largest high-speed train network with a thousand kilometers of 25, has also become a test area for futuristic transportation vehicles. Automobile billionaire Li Shufu's company Zhejiang Geely Holding worked with the state-run Chinese Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation last month to work on the concept of the high-speed train. The California-based Hyperloop Transportation Technologies Corporation also collaborated with the management of the mountainous city of Guizhou in southwest China to create a test track for super-speed trains.

Source: Bloomberg

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