China to Establish 212 National Logistics Center

212 aims to establish a national logistics center
212 aims to establish a national logistics center

China plans to build 212 national logistics center and establish a national logistics center network in parallel with the advanced economic system until 2035.

According to the general arrangement and construction plan for the national logistics centers, 2020 center will be built until 30 and 2025 facility will be built until 150 and the total logistics costs to GDP ratio will be reduced to 12.

According to the plan published by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Transport on Monday, 127 will host six different types of logistic centers, which are qualified, consisting of city port, sea port, airport, service and trade-oriented port and land border port.

The use of new technologies and equipment to develop new business models in the logistics industry will also be supported. Qualified national logistic centers will be encouraged to build fully automated ports and intelligent warehouses where driveless trucks and automated vehicles, intelligent robots and drones will be used.

International cooperation mechanisms will be established in order to connect important global logistics centers, energy and raw materials production areas and trade centers to China's new national logistics centers by using Chinese-European freight train services, maritime routes and airlines. (News)

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