CHP's Sertel Will Be Covered In This Train Crash

ankara chpli sertel will be closed for this train accident
ankara chpli sertel will be closed for this train accident

CHP İzmir deputy Atila Sertel, the high-speed train accident in Ankara, "If the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, TCDD General Manager and other interested persons are not removed from their duties, this train will be closed on the accident and the account of lost souls will not be questioned." He said.

In a press conference with several deputies from the CHP, Sertel said at the KIT Commission last week that the TCDD has discussed the errors and defects of the transport sector and the causes of the accidents.

Many of the shortcomings reflected in the reports of the Court of Accounts revealed that a few days after the talks in Ankara, faced with a sad high-speed train accident Hard, said at the commission meeting of the criticism of the ruling party was not accepted by parliamentarians argued that they try to prevent speeches.

In the Commission, they saw that they saw a call for possible accidents to be wasted by the accident, Sertel said:

"We are traveling with fast trains every day 25 thousand citizens in Turkey. This figure will increase with the start of Ankara-Izmir flights. We have a 11 bin 527 kilometer rail network, the 12 bin 740 being conventional. More than half of the total railway network does not have a signaling system. A transportation system connected to people, an accident-prone to an individual's fault can never be considered. The absence of a signaling system in a place like Ankara and the continuation of flights in this way cannot be forgiven. Ankara

TCDD, 2019 year, not given the allowance for ongoing investments are stopped, stating that Sertel, TCDD in the field of transport to support investments in the field is very important, he stressed.

TCDD is unhappy workers, machinists 15-16 hours, while claiming that changed the scissors-run 14 15 hours Sertel with unhappy staff "dead" reported that they saw a TCDD.

Claiming that the accident related to the incident was attempted on several people, Sertel said:

Mış The General Director of TCDD had also put the crime in meteorology about the accident in Çorlu at the KIT Commission. 25 citizens in the accident in the region with the discharge of the rails in this region, the citizens of Ankara 9 has passed away. A minister who can say 'no signaling happens' should immediately resign. An engineer who found out that the Osman Gazi Bridge had committed a flaw during the construction of the Harakiri was killed and killed. The issue is ethical ethics. If the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, the General Director of TCDD and the other concerned are not removed from their duties, this train accident will also be covered and the account of the lost lives will not be questioned. Eğer

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