CHP's Sancar: "Aydın-Denizli Highway Becomes a Selection Material"

chpli sancar aydin denizli highway is a selection material
chpli sancar aydin denizli highway is a selection material

Aydın-Denizli highway, which has been among the election promises of AKP for years, could not start anyway. The project will connect the İzmir-Aydın highway with Denizli. When the Antalya stage is completed, it will connect Izmir and Antalya.

Returning to the snake story, the highway has been the choice material for years. First, while Binali Yıldırım was the Minister of Transport and Maritime, he gave the good news of the highway in 2016. Aydın-Denizli highway was among the main election promises of AKP members in the June 24 elections.

The tender of the project, which reached 168 km with the connection roads, was first announced in February and the tender was announced on 21 June. The tender was then postponed to 24 July. However, the tender was postponed twice more and was held in the last week of November.


Explaining the tender CHP Denizli deputy H. Teoman Sancar, hik Explaining the toll of the mentality, what if the wisdom of the company to explain how many warranty vehicles will be passed. I hope that our citizens do not have to pay for the highways and bridges and tunnels as well as the highway, and this road will not have a crazy Dumrul road. Um

High-risk Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) models of the state is working with the company's follow-up firms, he added.


Esi The highway tender that they transformed into a snake story carries question marks within itself. The details of the BOT Implementation Agreement are unknown. The Ministry of Transport explains the fee per vehicle as 5 Euro Cent, but the guarantee does not give the number of vehicles.

You will prepare a BOT contract and keep how many vehicle passes are guaranteed to the contractor. Is it such a tender? You're missing the nation's money from the nation? Will you paint the pre-election election and explain the number of guarantee vehicles after the elections? Or the Minister will pass' Here someone will pass but will not pay the money. Yes, will not pay the money 'will say? Are you fooling around with the citizen? Share the contract details with the public as soon as possible and let everyone see what you are doing. Bir


For the 3 project built with build-operate-transfer model, Sancar reminded that the treasure is paying 1 billion 2 million liras in 125 annually. 2017 billion 2 million pounds were paid to the operating companies only in 125 due to the fact that the number of promised vehicles for the projects could not be reached.

If we have a treasure that is able to pay billions of pounds, why did we make them rich by building these bridges and tunnels? Build-operate-transfer projects are being used as a tool to enrich contractors close to power. Are you not ashamed of taking the fee of the bridge from its citizens and putting it in the custodians' pouch? Geç

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