CHP's Kani Beko warns AKP about the strike


CHP İzmir Deputy Kani Beko met with workers and retirees in the unity, solidarity and solidarity event organized by DİSK Emekli-Sen Buca Branch.

Beko pointed out the situation of the workers who were fired in İzmir and 10 pointed out to the strike of İZBAN to begin in December. Ta The right of unionization and collective bargaining of our working brothers is a constitutional right. AKP's anti-worker policies have now brought our workers' brothers to this point. Sacking the worker is a social crime. İş

CHP Izmir Deputy Kani Beko, retired workers and workers met with the DİSK retirement-Sen Buca Branch workers in the event addressed the problems. Workers who have stated that tried to cut the dismissal of the front of unionization Beko "workers in Turkey, economic, political, social, continues the fight for democratic rights in a brutal manner, while sacking. If you remember last year, the 4 was held in Istanbul every year. The Prime Minister of the period, there "O workers do not be afraid to become a member of the trade union," he called. But yesterday at the TARIS factory, our workers brothers were fired because they were members of the Food-Work Union. To dismiss the worker is a social crime according to our traditions. İş


Beko 10 with CHP pointed out the date of December and said that the strike of İZBAN workers will be heavy on the city. Reminding that the collective bargaining agreement with the Ministry of Transport could not get any results, CHP İzmir deputy Kani Beko warned the government.

Beko said: esi 10 is a catastrophe waiting for us in December if the collective bargaining at the desk doesn't end. I hereby warned that my brother-in-law of our railroad union in Izmir did not get results from the collective agreement with the Ministry of Transportation and the 10 will go on strike in December. IZBAN, which carries nearly a thousand 500 people a day from Selcuk to Aliaga, means that if the rail system strike, 500 will not leave the house, the patients will not go to the hospital, the children will not go to school, and the workers and civil servants will not be able to work. I made a press conference on this issue in Parliament. Strikes don't have a winner. It is inevitable for the government to deliver the rights of our workers carrying the burden of İzmir and to agree on the collective labor agreement. I will continue to follow this issue, Bu he said.

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