CHP's Gürer warned TCDD Officials

chpli gurer warned tcdd officials
chpli gurer warned tcdd officials

CHP Niğde deputy Ömer Fethi Gürer, 9 killed in Ankara, the 86 injured in a train accident was said to be thought provoking.

Omer Fethi Gürer stated that the structure of TCDD was changed by opening the way for liberalization and that the institutional structure was deteriorated and that this kind of sad events started to increase.

Omer Fethi Gürer, who reminiscent about the problems experienced in TCDD, said: ini I have repeatedly stated that the works did not go well in the institution and the problems were increasing day by day in TBMM. During the last 3 years, I have warned about the possible negativities to the general managers at the KIT Commission meetings. I drew attention to the problems with written and oral questions. I have made suggestions for the solution of the problems that have arisen in TCDD in recent years with the proposals of the Law proposals and the Assembly. Unfortunately, however, our warnings were not taken into account and unfortunately our heart was burned with the train accident that took place in Ankara lastly ız.

Republican People's Party (CHP) Niğde deputy Ömer Fethi Gürer, Ankara-Konya high-speed trains high-speed trains in the town of Yenimahalle Marşandiz station with the guidance of road guidance as a result of the collision with the train train found the assessment of the accident. 9, who died in mercy, mercy to the wounded who wishes an immediate recovery, said the great sorrow for the accident.


2003-2017 4 141 train accident between the years occurring in the 418 2 a thousand people died in the 627 bin 31 civilians were injured in the reminiscent of Omer Fethi Gurer, this year in Çorlu and Ankara, XNUMX people died in accidents, he said. Omer Fethi Gürer pointed out that the most important reason of the accident was the structural change that occurred in the institution despite the various reasons. He said that with this change, the liberalization was opened in TCDD, the institutional structure was degenerated and therefore the negativities reached the line level.

Ömer Fethi Gürer, who pointed out that the High Speed ​​Train, which took the Ankara-Konya voyage to the same line with the guide train was not understandable, reminded the negativity on the agenda that the activities of TCDD were also discussed in the meeting of the KIT Commission. İsa Apaydın person All of our high-speed train lines are controlled by cameras for twenty-four hours, and these are camera control, as well as centralized controls, and staff on line length. Of course, because of the occasional destruction of the contracts can be even from the outside. These are constantly being monitored, 'the statement was reflected in the minutes. Considering the statement of the General Manager, the possibility of this accident is thought provoking. Say


Gürer, 6 December 2018 date at the KIT Commission meeting, the TCDD had made a broad assessment of the problems. In this meeting, Gürer summarized the following statement: in In our country, 22,5 tons of railway lines should be 33 in 40, 22,5 in XNUMX and XNUMX in XNUMX. Are there any efforts to bring the axle pressure and clearance measures of the roads, tunnels, bridges and culverts into compliance with international standards, starting from the lines that are prioritized throughout the network? Secondly, the liberalization of the railway transportation structure has been radically changed. Related to this was divided into infrastructure and transport State Railways. Privatization is now an application in Europe that has never been tried before. Are the studies in this direction going on? I just told you, the working hours of the mechanics are fifteen hours long. This creates a negativity for people. They do not work within normal working times. They also say that they are not very happy because the staff has not been organized. I've been involved in requesting legal regulations on these, but do you also have a ministerial level of work for the organization of friends who should be civil servants? I think that the State Railways have moved to a situation where the assets as approach and thought are disposed of, carried to privatization, the burden, the burden is left to the institution and it is completely discharged. vocational high schools of the Republic of Turkey State Railways, printing and sewing workshop, laundry, corporate pharmacies were closed, hospitals have been transferred to the Ministry of Health, all ports except Haydarpasa after being taken into customized the Mersin Port privatization scope, a painful condition, comes from a public agency from Singapore and our Mersin they start to operate our port. The passenger train is not operated in the 20 section of the main lines, whose stations are closed due to a lack of personnel, the workshops are closed, the workshops are closed, they are disarmed, the personnel structure is decreased by the absence of new personnel in the institution brought to the municipalities without consideration of their needs, some of which have been transferred to municipalities, privatized, reduced the number of employees, working out the main lines of 92 in a one-way state, showing an opening out of the high-speed train lines, which is the fast train, you know, still Arifiye ' the 70 falls to the mileage, I always use it there, the train still could not accelerate, too - the Express Passenger Train, Blue Train services removed on some lines, several prestige trains and trains to buildings, sold The State Railways are being transported to a building where it is narrowed. Expropriation problems, comprehensive changes in investment projects, information reflected in the TCA reports in cost increases, increases in the number of cases carried the institution into a rather problematic one. 2 has empty accommodation close to a thousand. In this sense, some of the lodgings in the State Railways were destroyed. Likewise, section chiefs, motion officers, warehouse officers are now absent at most stations. It has a name as a function and an identity, but it is an evacuated institution. There is a perception of Railways that fall outside of what was intended by subcontractors and corporations subcontracted to the infrastructure. If you do work that will change this, I think that if you lead the power to your power in this way, and if you direct it, you will be pleased if you give up the concept of privatization and move the State Railways back to corporate identity alar ecek (Real Agenda)

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