CHP Gürer: ler Crossings without Death Road CH

chpli gurer level crossings
chpli gurer level crossings

Gürer said that the average 100 person lost his life every year in the accidents occurring in the level crossings. De The Ministry of Transport should ensure that those who are in urban areas and traffic-intensive places are transformed into lower and upper passages in level programs. Hem

Republican People's Party (CHP) Niğde Deputy Ömer Fethi Gürer, Niğde Special Provincial Administration crossing the junction at the crossroads, the light train in the morning due to a light commercial vehicle hit as a result of the accident found. Ömer Fethi Gürer, 1 person died in the accident and 1 person said that the great sorrow of the great sorrow. Giving mercy to his fallen citizen and his condolences to his relatives, and wishing a speedy recovery to his wounded citizen, Gürer said, kayb I gave written inquiries about the level crossings. The Ministry made a statement. Essential measures are taken as soon as possible. Every year at least 100 citizens grave these level crossings are grave, Her he said.

5 people died in the crossroads of Niğde Special Provincial Administration Crossing at the crossroads of Niğde Special Provincial Administration where the accident occurred in the province. Although we had warned in the level crossings in the railway for years, unfortunately the necessary sub or overpass was not made. DİTAŞ Junction, Eski Sanayi Sitesi Junction, Special Provincial Administration Interchange and the State Railroad boulevard on the level crossings every year, our citizens are losing their lives in the train crossings. Human life shouldn't be so cheap. Urban and moving passageways must be strictly regulated Kent.

Take precautions

Ömer Fethi Gürer stated that they had requested to prevent accidents that may occur in Niğde by asking questions to the former Transport Minister Ahmet Arslan and the current Minister Cahit Turhan as well as to the current Minister Cahit Turhan, and said in his statement: In relation to the level crossings where he meets with highways, various promises are made during each election period but these words are forgotten until the next election. For many years there have been many projects such as bridged junctions, overpass, underpass, controlled barrier and guard system for the level crossings in Niğde, but unfortunately so far these projects have not been implemented anywhere.

In response to a motion questioned by the Ministry of Transport two years ago, 5 announced that all level crossings will be renewed throughout the year. 3 thousand 10 level crossing on railways infrastructures, 1079 is protected, 1931 is a cross-border level crossing indicating that the ministry crossing the border between the 2014 and 2016 66 traffic accident occurred between 309 citizens had lost their lives.

Likewise, the current Transport Minister Cahit Turhan'a dır TCDD and Niğde Municipality will be done by the border crossing near the Niğde-DİTAŞ and the Environmental Directorate near the crossing of the crossing of the transition is made to make the study of the transition?

There are also complaints that the barriers in the level crossings do not fully cover the road, sometimes they remain closed for a long time even though the train does not come, and therefore the drivers continue on their way from the non-closing parts of the barrier. The Ministry of Transport, whose budget exceeds billions, should now implement systems that will allow our people to make a safe transition in all level crossings in our country ları.


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