CHP's Research Proposal for a Train Accident in Ankara

Investigation of the train accident
Investigation of the train accident

CHP Group Vice Rectors Engin Altay, Ozgur Ozel and Engin Ozkoc gave a motion to the Presidency of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey about the high speed train accident in Ankara

CHP Group Vice-Rectors Engin Altay, Ozgur Ozel and Engin Ozkoc, 9 gave a motion to the Presidency of the Turkish Grand National Assembly for the high-speed train accident in Ankara, where our citizens lost their lives. The research proposal is as follows;

The high speed train (YHT), which runs the Ankara-Konya route, collided with the guide train on the same road at Marşandiz Station, which is located in Çiftlik, Yenimahalle District of Ankara on December 13.
The accident occurred on the 2'nın line of YHT'nin, 1'den move from the line and Ankara-Esenkent from the path between the control of the rotating guide train 06: 36 in the Marşandiz Gar (Carambol) occurred as a result of the collision. A total of 3 citizens, including 6 mechanic and 9 passengers, died and two of our heavy 86 citizens were injured in the accident.

It is claimed that the main reason of the accident is the fact that the YHT, which needs to go from the 2 line, is to be sent to the 1 road or on the guide train because of the uncoordinated coincidence of the traffic controller, the dispatcher and the train organizer.

The authorities did not provide a clear, clear and satisfactory explanation for the cause of the accident. Traffic controller, dispatcher and train officer were detained in connection with the accident.

Various systems have been developed in railway operations to reduce such human errors to zero and ensure traffic safety. These are centralized management of traffic, signal management of traffic, European Train Control System (ERTMS). In each of these systems, there are complex components in itself to ensure the safe maintenance of train traffic.

Marşandiz Station where the accident is located is located within the Başkentray project between Kayaş and Sincan. 12 Prime Minister of the period Binali Yildirim at the opening ceremony held on April 2018, açılış Court took 36 months. The end of 20 lasted for months. I thank the contractor company. They finished in the miracle time. M It is suggested that the train traffic is managed by telephone, radio and manually on this itinerary. It is stated that the main cause of the accident is this operation. The experts state that if there is any one of the above mentioned systems, the boiler will not be experienced. Because if there is a train in a signal block, it is stated that no other train can enter the block.

It is asserted that the line in which the accident occurred was put into service without making the infrastructure sufficient before the signaling and other security systems were completed. Although it is desired to be shown as a result of human error, it is seen that the accident was caused by the fact that the railway was opened to operation before the signaling and other technical infrastructure was completed.

2004 Pamukova and 2018 It is seen that the train accidents in Çorlu are due to the deficiencies of the infrastructure and the defects and errors in the management of TCDD. In the AKP period, train accidents have become systematic. Nearly a hundred citizens died in the six major train accidents between 2004-2018, and our citizens who burned 600 were injured.

Management errors in accidents play an important role. The fact that the AKP's understanding of kaz us is the one who obeys us büyük instead of driving license and merit is reflected in the administration of TCDD has a great role in accidents. The fact that the AKP government uses public investments as a rant for transferring money to the adjacent contractors and the use of it as election material, and the investments are completed without security measures, invites them to a great accident.

Experts, the Kayas-Ankara-Sincan line of the tragedy of the power of the government before the local elections tried to be taken into operation in Gebze- Halkalı they can also live in the line.

In order to identify the real causes of such accidents and the operational errors of TCDD which cause loss of life and property, to determine the deficiencies of the infrastructure and to determine the measures to be taken and to take the measures, the 98. And Rationale of the Rules of Procedure. and 104. We offer and propose the opening of a Parliamentary Study in accordance with its articles.

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