First Trip to Funicular Hospital in Çaycuma Hospital

First Trip to Funicular Hospital in Çaycuma Hospital
First Trip to Funicular Hospital in Çaycuma Hospital

Çaycuma Municipality State Hospital, Abdullah Kalaycı Street funicular to provide access to the pedestrian, Mayor Bülent Kantarcı'nın made the first time with the participation. Çaycuma Mayor Bülent Kantarcı's Kent Elevator (Funicular), which is one of the promises of local elections in 2014, was put into operation. Çaycuma State Hospital and Abdullah Kalaycı Street will serve between the varagel system will work with the funicular mechanical installation was completed, automation system was commissioned and made ready for service. The first expedition of the funicular was made with the participation of Çaycuma Municipality staff, including Mayor Bülent Kantarcı. In addition to President Kantarcı, Vice President Timuçin Pak and Editor-in-Chief Özlem Kaydır became the first passengers of the funicular. The test journey was quite enjoyable. Receiving information from the authorities of the contractor who made the elevator, President Kantarcı and his companions descended to the lower station on Abdullah Kalaycı Street and completed the journey.


Mayor Bülent Kantarcı, who gave information about the subject, said: ı Our long lasting work has finally yielded results. We have worked on many models, we have made feasibility studies on various systems, we have developed projects. In the end, we decided to establish this system. Good thing we did that. We have presented a highly secure system to our people at an economical price, which is not comparable to any of the systems we have previously done feasibility. Similar to the varagel system in the quarries and called as funicular, the city elevator has a capacity of two 12 passengers. The two cabins are going up and down depending on each other. This will ensure that energy costs are extremely low. Bu


Kantarcı also gave information about the other units of the city elevator: A restaurant, cafeteria and a pharmacy will serve at the upper station of the hospital. We can also create a commercial unit at the sub-station located on Abdullah Kalaycı Street going forward. Our work on environmental regulations, which is the last stage of the work, continues. In the meantime, test drives will continue. After the New Year, we will present it to our citizens as a New Year's gift. No one will have to climb the slope in the snow or rain anymore. By pressing a button that will come here, he will be able to access health services. I think that the system will be used mostly by our disabled citizens. From now on, every disabled person living in Çaycuma will receive health care without the help of anyone with a disability. Good luck to Çaycuma.

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