Wreckage of Train Accident in Ankara Removed


As a result of the collision of the high-speed train (YHT), which makes the Ankara-Konya expedition, with the guide locomotive at the Marşandiz station of Yenimahalle district, 3 people, including 9 mechanics, lost their lives and 86 people were injured. kazanAfter that, the debris removal work continues.

Ankara-Konya expedition YHT, yesterday morning at 6: 36'da Yenimahalle Marşandiz Station road control collided with the train. 3 engineer 9 people were killed and 86 people were injured in the accident. Damaged in the accident, the guide train, withdrew from the region yesterday evening. Debris removal was interrupted for a while due to the effective snowfall in Ankara at night. YHT'nin involved in the accident returned to scrapped locomotive and destroyed station, cranes were removed. The other 2 wagon debris on the rails are being lifted by cranes installed around the teams.

Safety teams also continue to collect and classify belongings from passengers at the scene.

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