Büyükşehir breaks the mountains and opens a new road in Kaş

the big city ruins the mountain
the big city ruins the mountain

The Antalya Metropolitan Municipality opens a new road by breaking the mountains between the Doğantaş neighborhood of Kaş and the Karabel district.

The Antalya Metropolitan Municipality continues to open new roads while continuing the asphalt works in every corner and city. Rural Services Department teams are working to open a new road between the district of Kaşanta and Kaşanta district of Kaş. Infrastructure teams, all of which are 4 km and 2 miles of hard rocks on the road using the work of crusher machines continue to work.

Thanks to the Metropolitan
Consultant Advisor Isa Akdemir, with the headman of the Doğantaş neighborhood Ali Karataş, studied the works on site. Ali Karataş stated that the people of the region were eagerly awaiting the completion of the new road and said bek We have fields in Karabel area, we have trees. However, we cannot evaluate because there is no way. Thanks to Metropolitan Municipality, our way is opened. We've been waiting this way for years. I would like to thank Menderes Türel, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, and all those who contributed to him on behalf of the people and the people of the region. Büyük



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