Fight Against Snow in Bursa


Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department teams, with snowfall, especially in the mountain districts began to work on the fight against snow. In the context of the fight against snow in the districts of İnegöl, Keles and Büyükorhan 4 separate roads are cleaned, while the neighborhood is still closed.

Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department teams took all the measures for combating snow in the city center, as well as in the 17 district. Necessary measures were taken for the hospital and car park entrance exits apart from the determined routes, and the teams started the activities with the snowfall which showed the effect in the high parts of the city. Within the scope of the studies, road works were carried out between Kuşor - Geynik connection road, İnegöl Gedikpınar and Keles Kocayayla - Boğazova district of Büyükorhan district.

24 watch seamless service

58 vehicles and 176 personnel in the city center, 80 vehicle 140 personnel in the district, 138 personnel and 316 personnel serving teams, 24 clock will conduct uninterrupted snow struggle. The road works at the site site of the salt store are 10 thousand tons of salt and 100 tons of solutions, with the aim of not to experience even the slightest setback of snowfall. In the summer season, by initiating a paving move in the district of 17, indicating that they are trying to maximize the road quality, Mayor Alinur Aktaş said, aya During the winter, we have taken all necessary measures to ensure the transportation in a healthy way. With the fall of the first snow in both the city center and the districts, our teams started the work. It is our only wish to spend this winter without any problems in terms of transportation. Bu


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