Bursa İMO President Mehmet Albayrak T2 Project Must Be Metro

bursa imo president mehmet albayrak t2 project should be metro
bursa imo president mehmet albayrak t2 project should be metro

Bursa Chamber of Civil Engineers Bursa Branch of the Chamber of Civil Engineers (İMO), who talked about the problems of transportation in the city, argued that the wrong urban transportation.

President Albayrak stated that one of the most important problems of the city of Bursa is the urban and out-of-city transportation and stated the following about the solution point:

In It should be our main objective to create and operate an integrated transportation system that gives priority to transporting people from one place to another and responding to the needs of passengers. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Master Plan Revision is prepared and will be shared with the public after the New Year. Due to the responsibility of the NGO, we had many researches and suggestions about transportation. İMO Bursa Branch is a professional organization with many members who have witnessed the problems in this city and who have technical equipment about transportation. Unfortunately, however, we cannot share sufficient information with our local authorities about urban problems. It will be in the interest of our local administrations and our city to benefit from the knowledge and experience of the academic rooms. We do not think that our Chamber and the related Academic Rooms are not among the preparers of the plan. Public transport needs to be planned in order to make transport more ergonomic and economical. However, the light rail system in our city cannot be used efficiently with the deficiencies in the planning and the changes made. Then, all the work done to increase the efficiency continues to bring additional costs to the Metropolitan Municipality budget. Finally 9.5 million euros on the signaling systemArrangements will be made by paying a price. Is this service that we receive by paying such a high price really efficient? Will it be possible to reduce 5 minutes to 2,5 minutes with the arrangement in the system? Despite all the warnings we made in the negative direction, the City SquareTerminalthe built-in T2 line; many new suggestions are made to be efficient. In order to avoid a new problem in the future of the city and to bring new economic burdens, necessary arrangements should be made when the road is close. T2 LineIt is the most accurate and profitable decision to convert to Light Rail System. n

Underlining the fact that the line, TÜYAP Fair Area, the Palace of Justice, Terminal, DOSAB, Ovaakça Neighborhood and the developing Fairground, which will be in service soon, will be carried to bear a large population, President Albayrak stated the following about the T2 line:

Aynı Due to the fact that buses, minibuses, service vehicles and cars move on the same line, the T2 line will remain idle. City SquareThe station will be rearranged to be connected with HRS and the stations on the line will be overhauled and the more efficient line will be obtained. Trams manufactured and purchased for this line can also be re-designed to be used between Görükle and the University. After the stadium, Ali Osman Sönmez State HospitalWhen the construction of the finished; It is known to all of you that the traffic jams in the novices will become much more serious than the situation in which they are today. We are also looking forward to what will be the solution for the Acemler in Master Plan Revision. We hope that as the Bursa Branch of IMO, we have taken into consideration the solutions we have presented before. We have problems in national economy; While we are trying to do business with limited budgets, the budgets of our municipalities remain unclear for new investments. Therefore, BursaWe think that the priorities should be well sorted. It is important to give priority to the completion of the investments listed below rather than making a lot of investments. 1The first priority is that the Stadium and Ali Osman Sönmez State Hospital should be considered when completing the whole of the novices. 2The first priority is to convert the T2 Line into a Light Rail System and arrange the stations accordingly. 3The first priority should be the organization and integration of City Hospital. If the right planning is done in time instead of not having troubles in the future, it will be seen that the problems of the city will decrease. Gelecek

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