The Project that will Connect Buca to the Bus Station

the project will be connected to the bus terminal
the project will be connected to the bus terminal

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Buca'yi Otogar'a will connect the 183 million pounds tunnel and viaduct project works without winding. Greater than the 375 meter in the tunnel, the Metropolitan has completed the 402 of the viaduct work carried out in the 68 bored pile.

Developing new projects to relieve urban traffic, the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continues to build the viaducts that will open the ile İzmir's longest highway tunnel Born and the Otogar link between Buca and Bornova. 183 will be bringing the Homer Boulevard in Buca to the bus station in Bornova.

In the digging process carried out from the entrance of Buca, the 185 meter in one tube of the tunnels and the 190 meter in the other, passing the total 375 meter, the Metropolitan Municipality will start excavating in the direction of Bornova from the end of next month and will continue this work on both sides. In this way, the tunnel works under 28 meters of the surface will gain great speed. The maximum depth will be reduced to 80 meters in some areas.

25 worker with 60 machine in the tunnel, 8 engineer is working in shifts in 2 days. The tunnel is constructed with the) New Austrian Tunneling Method ünel (NATM). In the project, daily geotechnical measurements are also closely monitored.

68 of Viaduct project is over
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, within the scope of this great investment, is also important for urban traffic, two viaducts for connecting to the bus station, 2 vehicles at the intersection of Kemalpaşa Street and Kamil Tunca Boulevard. overpass. 1 bored pile was completed for the first viaduct consisting of 280 meters and 26 columns. 144 915 32 326 258 402 68 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX Up until now, the XNUMX bored pile in the viaduct manufacturing, the Metropolitan Municipality, thus completed the XNUMX percent of this work.

Bus station without city traffic
2 departures - 2 arrival with a tunnel and viaduct project that will serve as a total of four lanes. Karacaoğlan neighborhoods will be overcome and the connection will be provided from Bornova Kemalpaşa Street to Otogar. The vehicles passing through the longest tunnel of Izmir via Homeros Boulevard and Onat Street will be able to reach the bus station and the ring road without getting into the heavy traffic of the city.

7 viaduct-2 underpass-2 overpass and road arrangements cost 1 million TL with the tunnel on the 183 kilometer.

The deep double tube tunnel of the 2.5 kilometer, which started to open between Buca Ufuk District and Bornova Çamkule, will also be the aç longest highway tunnel in the whole city. Bu Bayraklı 1 Tunnel 320 meters, Konak Tunnel 1674 meters and Flag 2 Tunnel is 1865 meters long.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which previously made expropriation of 75.5 million pounds for Homer Boulevard part, has made 26 million pounds for Buca Tunnel so far and 10 million TL expropriation for viaducts.

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