BTS 7 Announced a year ago: Yıl We are worried about the Ankara-Konya Line B

bts 7 years ago we are worried from the warned ankara line 2
bts 7 years ago we are worried from the warned ankara line 2

Seven years before the accident at the Ankara-Konya high-speed train line, the United Transport Workers Union said, yedi We did not see the certification report of the line. We are concerned about the Ankara-Konya line en but it has been revealed that the government has not made any counter-explanations.

Shortly after moving from Ankara to Konya, it appeared that he had warned before the opening of the United Transport Workers Union (BTS) on the line of High Speed ​​Train (YHT) which caused the tragedy by hitting the guide train.

In 2011, BTS Secretary General of the period Nazım Karakurt warned about the Ankara-Konya train line, which had not yet started flights at that time. Karakurt, said in a statement at the time, underlined that high-speed train standards must comply with international standards, ki Unfortunately, this Eskişehir line was not done and the planned to be opened at the moment Konya-Ankara high-speed rail line have such concerns. What are these? After all the infrastructure and superstructure has been completed, there is an Independent Certification Board. This board also carries the norms in Europe. These projects should be carried out under the supervision of this board. For example, we do not know whether the high-speed train line to be operated on the Ankara-Konya line was approved by the Independent Certification Board in August. Mes

If the board does not make a decision for qualification for the line to be opened, even the lack of infrastructure and superstructure can create problems about the Karakurt, TCDD, said the board should share the report with the public. Stating that the decisions of the Independent Certification Board are binding for TCDD, Karakurt said, en For example, the signaling studies of the Ankara-Konya line were made. However, the overpasses are still being constructed. How is that possible? This line is near the villages. You can't pull a wire here either side. Even the decision on this is not explained, la he said.

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