Belgrade-Sarajevo Motorway to Revive Trade

belgrade sarajevo motorway to stimulate trade
belgrade sarajevo motorway to stimulate trade

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Cahit Turhan, TurkeyBelgrade-Sarajevo Highway Project supported by. These highways and elevators will also stimulate trade in other neighboring countries, especially Bosnia and Herzegovina, and will contribute significantly to the development of the economy, industry and other sectors, ne he said.

Turhan, conducted day Serbia in contact with Serbian counterpart Zorana after his meeting with Mihajlovic Turkish International Cooperation and Development Agency (TIKA) and Yunus Emre Institute (YEE) visited Turkey's Embassy in Belgrade with representatives of the capital Belgrade.

Evaluating his contacts in Serbia, Turhan said he and Serbian government officials exchanged views on land and air transport between the two countries.

Turhan voicing Serbia is an important country in the Balkans, important agreements in recent years in bilateral relations between Turkey and Serbia move to more advanced level signed, he said.

Turhan, within the scope of these agreements in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the Sandzani region to support the work on the financing of the transport infrastructure, the construction and decision-making, today the Belgrade-Sarajevo Motorway Sremska Racha-Kuzmin part of the project and construction work with Pozega- He stated that the contracts related to the project work of the Kotroman division were signed.

These projects are undertaken by a Turkish company Taşyapı'nın transfer transfers Turhan, Niş and Vranje'de also signed the contract for the public housing today, he said.

Turhan, Serbia's Sandzak region of Novi Pazar-Tutin highway for the signing of the contract was signed, "These projects are important projects for this region, especially for Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina." He said.

Stressing that these corridors will constitute an important infrastructure for trade, industry, social and economic development in the region, Turhan said, Therefore, I think this is an important step in the realization of peace in this geography. Bu

Turhan, the presidents of the two countries, the relations to a better level of pointing to the important work to point out, as both the ministry and other public institutions to establish the infrastructure of these studies to continue the work of the decision to continue reported.

Turhan said that he received information from the authorities about the works of TIKA and that the organization still has an 38 project in the fields of education, health, restoration of ancient works, services for social and cultural purposes and they are about to be completed.

Turhan, YEE also said that over the 100 Turkish courses were given to students, the development of social and cultural relations between the two countries also emphasized that the trade has also improved.

2017'da 30'dan trade volume increased by about the previous year, explaining that the Turhan, 1 billion dollars above the figure, 2 billion dollars to raise the two-country president's special instructions said.

”The road is an important infrastructure for bringing people closer and establishing peace“

The loan will be financed by Turkey Belgrade-Sarajevo Motorway Project draws attention to the importance of Turkey Turhan, said:

"An important part of Turkey's trade is done with Europe. Turkey, the countries with the largest truck fleet in Europe. To transport our goods to Europe, we have to pass through Serbia to transport European goods to the Balkans, Anatolia, Central Asia and the Middle East. With the improvement of this corridor, the transport business, which is the basis of our trade, will be relieved. Not only for Turkey but for other countries in the region to raise their standard of this highway corridor, and; It will also stimulate trade in other neighboring countries, particularly Bosnia and Herzegovina, and will contribute significantly to the development of the economy, industry and other sectors. The road is important not only for the provision of goods, commercial movement among people, but also for the development of relations between people. The road is civilization. The road is an important infrastructure for bringing people closer to peace. Yol

Minister Turhan, stating that the financing of projects covered in the framework of bilateral agreements by Turkey, "This is an important indicator to show the state of the Turkey." He said. (UAB)

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