From President Zihni Şahin to the Private People's Buses


President Zihni Sahnin, who met with the managers of the Association of Private Public Buses, gave the good news of 'Restricted and Dedicated License Tah, said bir I do not rediscover America and produce solutions Özel.

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zihni Sahin, private public bus operating in the province came together with the owners. President Zihni Şahin stated that the demanded 'Restricted and Dedicated Plate' application was included in the Master Plan and said, uygulam My job is to listen to the demands of the professionals and to find a solution to their problems. Otherwise there is no need to rediscover America. Yoksa


President Zihni Sahin, the executives of the Association of Private Public Buses in Canik district gathered at the collection point of buses. Samsun Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen Union (SESOB) President Eyüp Guler attended the meeting in the meeting, President Zihni Şahin, Başkan We have made great effort, according to our facilities, our strength. In a short period of time, we were integrated with Samsun. Samsuns owned us. What is the duty of municipalities, to serve, to solve the problems of society, to pave the way for them. We tried to do our best. Day and night we always ran, we tried to do our duty against our city, Gece he said.


Reminding that the service limit of the metropolitan cities expanded with the Metropolitan Law No. 6360, Mayor Zihni Şahin said, sınır This naturally brought big financial burdens to the metropolitan administrations. However, we are forcing all conditions together with our district mayors.
We tried to serve, hizmet he said.


Mayor Zihni Şahin said that he had seen the troubles in public buses in Samsun deeply and that they had entered into the works for this. Otobüs We have not remained indifferent to the demand put forward in the direction of giving public bus, especially restricted and allocated plate. We included the subject in the Master Plan we prepared and instructed to be put into practice. Work in this direction continues. We are responding to this demand of bus drivers. Otobüs


President Zihni Sahin, in the last part of his speech said:

Ir Every sector, every profession, every profession knows its problem better. Our task is to produce solutions by taking their ideas and taking their suggestions. I'm doing this. Or there is no need to rediscover America. We love people, we value people, and I'm happy when people solve their problems. I always say, some people earn a lot of money, I'm happy how I've been useful to people throughout my life. Then it will go like this. We will be in the service of Samsuns, we will be with you. God bestow all things and I truly thank you in the way today, Allah bless, all of you have your rights. Allah

Sadettin Başar, President of the Association of Private Bus Coach, also thanked Mayor Zihni Şahin in the short speech he gave for the convenience of the solution.

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