President Ergün Investigates the Work for Environmental Buses

chairman ergun examines the work done for cevreci bus
chairman ergun examines the work done for cevreci bus

Cengiz Ergün, the Mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, visited İzmir Street where asphalt works were carried out for the environmentally friendly electric buses which will start to service in the first months of 2019. President Ergun greeting citizens, artisans wished to work well.

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality continues its modern transformation activities in full speed. Within the scope of the project, it is aimed that electric buses will be put into service in the first months of 2019 with the completion of the works carried out on İzmir Street. Cengiz Ergün, Mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, examined the ongoing asphalt works on İzmir Street where traffic flow will be re-arranged for the use of electric buses. Mayor Ali Ergun, Alaşehir Mayor Ali Uçak, Manisa Metropolitan City Council MHP Group Deputy Chairman Mehmet Güzgülü, heads of the head, MHP Yunusemre District President Buğra Çelikkanat, Topçu Asım Mahkesi Muhtarı Mehmet Ünlübaş and council members were accompanied.

New Arrival in Izmir Street
President Ergün, who started his investigation on İzmir Street in front of Cumhuriyet Primary School, received information from the relevant department heads and authorities. President Ergün, who shook hands with the citizens one by one, greeted the citizens, wished the artisans good work. President of the Friday prayer in Sheikh Fenari Mosque President Ergün then chatted with the citizens in the tea garden. Akmescit Mahallesi'nin, Red Bridge continues to examine the President Ergun, citizens also answered questions about the study. Answering the question of how the trades will be arranged after the work done, President Ergün said, “After the asphalt work, this road will be adjusted for the use of electric buses and civil vehicles. From the direction of Moris Şinasi Intersection, the preferential route for civil vehicles and electric buses will be determined in the traffic flow that will enter the city center. A lane will be allocated to the electric bus as a preferred route. The other lane will move to the city center. One lane will be divided as a preferential route and will only serve electric buses in one direction from the city center to the direction of Moris Şinasi Intersection. The road will only use cooperative vehicles 155, which makes electric buses and public transport, and will be closed to civilian vehicles. This work will continue from Moris Şinasi Junction to Sultan Junction. Bu

Discussed with Trades, received their ideas
President Ergun, during his review on the road also met with tradesmen exchanged ideas. President Ergun gave information to the citizens about the work done, also listened to suggestions from citizens.

Sevgi Seli
Cengiz Ergün, Mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, met the students of Murat Germen Elementary School during his study. President Ergün, the students cheering, President Ergün took a picture with.

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