Minister Varank, BozankayaTests Eco-Friendly Bus

has tested the environment friendly bus produced by varank bozankayan
has tested the environment friendly bus produced by varank bozankayan

Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, Bozankaya AŞ produced by Sileo (Silent) S10 model bus was behind the wheel. Both locals and environmentally friendly electric bus is the striking Ministers sitting in the captain's seat Varank, as regards the manufacturer, "making R & D through developing value-added products they sell both in Turkey and abroad. If you invest in R & D, you can produce value-added products, Bozankaya is one of the best examples of these. ””


Varank operates in the production of electric commercial vehicles and rail systems. Bozankaya Inc. Ankara Chamber of Industry 1. Organized Industrial Zone visited the headquarters. Varank was accompanied by Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology Hasan Büyükdede and AK Party Central Decision and Board Member and Istanbul Deputy Mustafa Ataş.


With the new generation of public transportation vehicles, Bozankaya AŞ, Varank conducted a test drive with the electric bus Sileo S10 produced by the company.


Varank, in his statement after the factory inspections, Bozankaya He said that one of the firms that AŞ Turkey is proud of. Noting that the company is conducting R & D projects with TUBITAK, Varank said that the company exported most of the bus and metro sets produced.


one of the most important success factors in the company's R & D emphasizing that Varank, he continued: "Thanks to making the R & D to develop value-added products they sell both in Turkey and abroad. These buses are native to 70. They only take the cells of the batteries, they produce the battery management systems and other elements completely indigenous. If you invest in R & D, you can produce value-added products, Bozankaya is one of the best examples of these. ”


Varank had contacts in Burdur last weekend. During this visit, Mehmet Akif Ersoy University students, who had difficulty in accessing their schools, asked Varank for help. Varank, who has not forgotten this demand, Bozankaya Inc. managers demanded electric buses.


Bozankaya AŞ, designed and produced by the environment-friendly, quiet, efficient and zero emission features of the new generation Sileo electric buses, 100 percent electric 10, 12, 18 and 25 meter length models.


These buses can travel up to 4 kilometers with a single charge of 300 per hour, while the regenerative energy (recycled) converts the brake energy into electrical energy and dynamically charges the vehicle's battery. Buses consuming 0,8 kilowatt-hour energy in kilometer, 80 more cost-effective transportation compared to diesel buses. The passenger carrying capacity of the vehicle in question can be as different as 75 to 232 persons.


Bozankaya Inc., 8 made in Turkey to date with the electric bus electric bus won the tender. Buses exported to Germany and Luxembourg are targeted to be sold to other countries in Europe and South America.


The company has invested nearly 5 million TL R & D in the 29 project, which has been commercialized all over the last 156 years. 100, which was established in Ankara, has invested more than 50 million euros in the rail system production facility that exceeds one thousand square meters.


Superiority in R & D Bozankaya AŞ, the first domestic design and production of 100 percent electric bus, as well as passenger and environment-friendly, zero-emission products such as 100 low-floor tram and modern trolleybus system called amb Trambus yüzde. has succeeded in selling abroad.


Bozankaya, Held in June in Turkey's exports this year's first subway. The subway trains produced by the company were exported to Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. The vehicles will soon be in service to relieve Bangkok traffic. 22 train in Bangkok Metro Project, which the company is contractor with Siemens Mobility, Bozankaya is produced in the factory.

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