Message from Minister Turhan for World Civil Aviation Day

Minister Turhandan Dunya Civil Aviation Day Message
Minister Turhandan Dunya Civil Aviation Day Message

The International Civil Aviation Organization, which Turkey is a founding member (ICAO) establishment day of the December 7, 26 years since the world are celebrating the Day of Civil Aviation. I wish to celebrate the day of all the world aviators, especially our colleagues who contributed to Turkish Civil Aviation and contributed to them.

Transportation is an important and indispensable element for every person. For this reason, countries need to meet the best standards in transportation. Our country's 16 has reached the level of modernization in transportation with the investments made in every field of transportation. And in aviation, it literally jumped ahead.

However, it is not enough for countries to develop their aviation in national sense; ası I also exist in the civil aviation industry ası in the world, and there are more steps to become one of the major players. Turkey, which is one of the world's largest airports that provide airport infrastructure, particularly in Istanbul 16 years with great change, he was able to capture that growth in the sector after liberalization. While taking an active role in regional and international civil aviation organizations, while making bilateral civil aviation agreements with the countries, it continued without compromising the universal criteria of civil aviation. Moreover, the world is one of the fastest developing countries in civil aviation.

The result is the success of our civil aviation staff as well as the success of our nation.

In this context, I would like to congratulate the International Civil Aviation Day of all public-private institutions and organizations that serve civil aviation, especially for the valuable directors and employees of the General Directorate of Civil Aviation.

I greet all the aviation community with my love and respect with the wish to move our civil aviation more advanced.

Mehmet Cahit Turhan Minister of Transport and Infrastructure

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