Minister Turhan: Program We took the Dörtyol-Hassa Road Investment Program “

We took the Turhan Dortyol hassa road to the investment program
We took the Turhan Dortyol hassa road to the investment program

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Bakanı Amanos Mountainsnı yaklaşık 20 kilometrelik tünelle geçerek Dörtyolu, Hassan-Kırıkhan road to connect the Harbor and the shortest road to connect the Southeastern Anatolia Region of the Dortyol-Hassa way to invest in the program, "he said.

In a press conference at a hotel, Turhan said that Hatay has maintained its position as the center of trade throughout history.

Referring to the investments made in the city, Turhan said, ve For the transportation and communication of the world's most beautiful cities, 16 has made an investment close to 3,5 billion. With every penny of these investments, we built Hatay's roads, renewed airports, railways, established our ports, laid the communication highways. We have developed Hatay, we have enlarged. Hatay

Turhan, the divided road to Hatay reached 484 kilometers, he said.

Providing details of the road services made to the districts, Turhan said that they have corrected the standard of Hamam Junction-Afrin road and they will complete these works in 2019 year.

X We have taken the road to Dörtyol-Hassa to connect the Dörtyol to Hassa-Kırıkhan road and connect the Port of İskenderun to the Southeastern Anatolia Region by the shortest route, passing through the 20 kilometer tunnel, X said Minister Turhan. the tender, the operation, the transfer of the tender will begin the work of the tender and gave the good news.

Within the scope of this project, 19 240 4 4 tunnel, a viaduct and XNUMX bridges will be recorded, said Turhan.

Iz The route plans and intersections have been approved, we will complete the EIA process and we will start the tender and operate the tender and start the works. Of course, I want to focus on this project, as you know, one of the ports of our country with the most intense sea traffic Iskenderun Port. There is an intensive industrial campus around the harbor of Iskenderun. If you want to use this port as a transportation system to serve especially to Southeastern Anatolia Region, Middle East and South Asia, there is no possibility to make the logistic centers around this port around the current port. As I mentioned, it is full of settlements and filled with industrial facilities, we will make the way to Dörtyol, Hassa and the logistics tops that we will create in Hassa region and will enable the development and development of our region and Hatay as a transfer station. B

This way through the ports of Gaziantep, Sanliurfa, Kilis, Kahramanmaras and Adiyaman will be the port owner will record the Turhan, according to the service that provides the existing service, the transportation system will be shortened by the arrival of transportation 60 mileage said.

Turhan said that they are bringing internet to all schools and they gave a smart board gift to 9 within the scope of Fatih Project.

Minister Turhan, the demand of Hatay deputies on the highway within the boundaries of the city gave the good news that the section will be free.

Hatay Governor Rahmi Dogan, Minister Turhan thanked the city for their presence.

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