AÜ Former Vice Rector Albayrak Lost His Life In YHT Accident

au former recollector albayrak lost her life in accident
au former recollector albayrak lost her life in accident

In the accident that occurred as a result of the collision of the guide train that controlled the road with the High Speed ​​Train in Ankara, one of the former vice-rectors of Ankara University. Dr. Berahitdin Albayrak died.

The condolence message for the train accident was published on the Ankara University website.

In the message, “Our university, one of the previous vice-rectors, Faculty of Science Professor. Dr. We are experiencing the deep sorrow of losing Berahitdin Albayrak (53) in my hand train accident. Along with our other citizens who died in a train accident, we wish our mercy to God, condolences to his family, relatives and the entire Ankara University community, and urgent healing to the wounded. ” expressions were included.

The former vice-rector who died in the train crash of the Faculty of Science. Dr. 14.12.2018 for Berahitdin ALBAYRAK (Today) time 11: A ceremony will be held at the Faculty of Science at 00. After the ceremony, following the Friday prayer at the Kocatepe Mosque. Dr. After the funeral prayer for Berahitdin ALBAYRAK will be buried in Kırıkkale.

For those who wish to attend the ceremony to be held at the Faculty of Science, the following places will be taken: 10: 00.

-Gölbaşı Campus
-Cebeci Campus
-Tip Faculty Cebeci Campus
- Faculty of Medicine Morphology Campus
-Department of History and Geography Faculty
-Dışkapı Campus

After the ceremony, the services that will go to Kocatepe Mosque will depart from the front of the pool. Also, if you want to go from Kocatepe Mosque to Kırıkkale, service will be removed from Kocatepe Mosque.

Who is Albayrak?

Within the scope of TÜBİTAK Integrated Doctorate Fellowship (BDP), Albayrak, who was in The Military College of South Carolina, Physics Department between 1997-1998, was the first author of the article titled “A spectroscopic atlas of Deneb” and Astronomy and Astrophysics ( It was chosen as the cover subject of the international scientific journal A&A).

In 2002, Turkey Academy of Sciences (TUBA) Distinguished Young Scientist Award, Certificate of Honor Ankara University, Ankara University in 2002, received the Encouragement Award of Science and Technology.

Ankara University 2004 Science Incentive Award, Professor. Dr. Nüzhet Gökdoğan was awarded with the Astrophysics Science Award and in 2006, the Popular Science Journal Science-Incentive Award.

Albayrak has researches in the fields of Undersea Bodies (Brown Dwarfs), Small Mass Stars, Photometric Analysis of Internal Changing (RR Lyrae, Delta Scuti) Stars, Photometric Analysis of Changing Double Stars, Early Spectral Type (Dwarf and Superdev) Spectral Analysis of Stars.

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