Asphalt Season Was Efficient in Bursa

At the beginning of the period, 2018 was announced as the N road year er and not only in the city center but also in the town of 17. The Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa has been performing 210 km hot asphalt and 350 km overlay in one year. parquet supply provided.

The Metropolitan Municipality has had an efficient season in the road maintenance and repair works covering the 17 district, which started with small touches to generate radical solutions to the transportation that has become the chronic problem of Bursa and providing a sensible relief in traffic with smart junction applications and road extensions at the center. In Bursa, the Metropolitan Municipality announced the 2018 as the as road year m and spent a period of frantic work to make the roads healthier in all districts, and completed the 2018 asphalting season. Within the scope of the studies, in addition to the main arteries in the 17 district, rural neighborhoods and neighborhood connection roads and off-road roads were also revised. 210 mile hot asphalt was poured during the season, while the 350 kilometer was covered. While the total number of 312 square 544 square parquet was provided, especially the rural neighborhoods, the amount of 210 million TL was spent on the works carried out by the Department of Transportation.

Bursa is not just the center

Alinur Aktas, the Mayor of the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, who stated that they will come with the Transportation Master Plan, which is the target of 2035 in the year, stated that they have considered Bursa as a whole and the planning was done for the whole of the district. On the one hand, President Aktas reminded that they made important arrangements with small touches in order to reduce the traffic density in the city center, küçük But it is not only Bursa, Osmangazi, Yıldırım and Nilüfer. For this purpose, we announced 17 as a road year and we had a busy paving season to improve road quality in all of our districts. As long as the weather allowed, we tried to reach every point we could reach. Of course, the end of the season does not mean stopping the work. We will continue to work in the needy regions in favorable weather. Çalış

Industrialist thanks the way

The road sanitization work carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality is appreciated by all segments of the society. Kayapa Correctional OSB Chairman İlker Duran and Kayapa Islahsan OSB Industrialists and Businessmen Association President Yalçın Toy visited the Mayor Alinur Aktaş together with their association and thanked the Mayor of the main boulevard in the industrial zone in a short time. Stating that the road was paved in a very short time, Duran said, land The most important problem of the industrialist of the region was solved. We thank the Mayor and his team teşekkür.

We will do our best

Mayor Alinur Aktaş also stated that the industrialists in Bursa, which is located in 21 Organized Industrial Zone, added great value to the city and emphasized that they will put their efforts at the point of solving the problems of industrialists with immediate and on-site approaches.



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