Applied to Antalya's First Concrete Asphalt Pavers

antalyanin first concrete asphalt dosemealti
antalyanin first concrete asphalt dosemealti

Constantly carrying up the service bar, the Metropolitan Municipality, in Antalya, by signing a first, paved concrete asphalt in the way to the district of Tasemealti District made concrete. If the application is achieved, concrete asphalt will be used in all districts.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel continues to introduce the best people of Antalya. Introducing hot asphalt for the first time in the history of rural neighborhoods in Turkey, Türel raises the service bar and is now applying concrete asphalt. The first concrete asphalt work in Antalya was carried out by the Department of Rural Services in the Dereli District of Döşemealtı District. The trial application of the cylinder-compressible cement asphalt concrete was successfully carried out.

A first under the leadership of Metropolitan
Iza We started to apply concrete asphalt on the orders of our president Menderes Türel. We are making the first attempt in neighborhood neighborhoods in our Dereli neighborhood. We are a municipality open to innovations. We made the necessary technical studies and studies. We performed the first experiment with our engineers. We had previously a rough asphalt, hot asphalt has been made despite the difficulties for the driver, we chose the road to Dereli. We think we can get a positive result. If successful, we will apply the concrete asphalt application in other districts. We are very happy to have made this pioneer in Antalya as Metropolitan Municipality Büyük.

The cost of suitable life is long
Civil Engineer Umut Turhan explained the difference between concrete asphalt and other asphalts as follows: When compared to asphalt, 40 is more cost-effective and service life is extended to 20 years. It is a domestic and national practice. Cement, our equipment and other tools are our own goods. We have implemented a road application with an 900 meter length of 16 inches and an average band width of 7 meters to Dereli Quarter. Mah

Happy and proud
Yakup Soyturk, the muhtar of Dereli District, stated that they were happy and proud that the concrete asphalt system, which was applied for the first time in Antalya, was done in its own neighborhoods. We would like to thank Menderes Türel, Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality and their teams. Büyük Muhtar Soytürk gave a plaque to İsa Akdemir who was dedicated to the President Türel.



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