Train Disaster Could Not Be in Ankara


”The control locomotive wasn't supposed to be on that track,“ he said. No, that locomotive, on its name, was exactly what it was meant to be able to do. It was the High Speed ​​Train that shouldn't be there. Train he even entered by mistake.

Makinistlar Kadir Ünal, Adem Yasar and Hulusi Böler today instead of entering the morning breakfast, they could go to work early. Kenan Günay, who was heavily injured in the locomotive and could not be in intensive care.

Who knows how desperation and fear have they experienced when they realize that they are on the same track as the light that they saw before? They probably didn't even get a chance to think. Then everything was buried in darkness with great noise.

That couldn't have been so. Passengers Yusuf Yetim, Tahsin Ertas, Arif Kahan Ertik, Berahitdin Albayrak, Kubra Yilmaz and Ebru Erdem Ersan could be planning what to do in the evening.
Is the project finished or not?

'' Reconstruction of the Sincan-Ankara-Kayaş Line '' by its official name, Gülermak-Kolin partnership was taken after long efforts. The project is still in the 'Ongoing Projects' section on Kolin's page. In addition to electrification works, signaling and telecommunication are also included in the tender, except filling work, route excavation, station arrangement, line laying, upper and lower passages, orifers. But before the end of the project, the 'Temporary Admission' method was applied and the operations started while the work was in progress.

The only system signaling system that prevents trains from coming to the head on the same line is that this line of 12 trains in the day is not finished. This has not escaped the attention of some. Signaling is the most controversial issue in the last two months in the forum correspondence with the 'Ankara BaskentRay Suburban Train System'. A user 8 in October gisi I would be happy to share with us when the signaling is finished. This is a very functional line. It better be over now. In addition, the acceleration of YHT flights will be provided, Ayrıca he said.

Another 21 is in October ına I live close to the train line and I don't see any work on signaling. Was the signalization tender carried out separately, was it not included in the current work? I wonder if there is really work to do. Çalışma

Another user directed this question to CIMER the next day. CIMER 14 said in November, DAİR I asked the signaling, this is the answer, OL he said. Safety and security measures are taken and operated as TMİ, with shears controlled. güvenlik

What is TMI?

Expansion of 'Traffic from Center to Telephone Administration'. This system is introduced to the vocational high school students in the individual learning material provided by the Ministry of National Education with the note lar The fact that they are open to events in terms of human error affects the train traffic in a negative way Bu. There are countless communication methods for countless possibilities. In this way, by telephone from the center to the station, from there, as in Ankara, the radio is instructed to train the train.

For example, the traffic controller, like in Ankara, probably told the dispatcher about the situation with the High Speed ​​Train and Guide Locomotive about an hour and a half before he finished the night he started at 12. The dispatcher and train staff officer probably left behind the 12 hours of the 14 to 10 hour shifts. The dispatcher transfers the instruction to the officer. Train pose officer arranging shears. This is the way the train is going, and the road-control guide hits the locomotive.

The signaling wouldn't be like that. Then there would be lights telling the mechanic that he shouldn't be in that road. Let's say the mechanic has slept, he has not seen the red light. Then the mechanism in the train would take action, the train would stop by itself.

Don't be afraid, son, push!

Why is the number of expeditions increased, including High Speed ​​Trains, before the signalization is completed, which is the most important of the obligations in the tender?

Didn't the President 12 know in April 2018 that the Baseball rail was moving on the engineer's seat with the whistle while the signaling of the new railway line was not over? Didn't all 'interested' know this? Why was it tolerated?

This is not to be explained by ignorance. It's like sneaking off a sketchy project. It should be a response to causing the death of the people. But the costs of these errors, long-term and risky methods are paid by the employees.

22 in Pamukova 2004 41 in July 8 One of the two machinists in the accelerated train crash in 1 8 3, 8 4 was found to be defective. They both went to prison. XNUMX XNUMX was held responsible for the accident.

The former TCDD general manager Süleyman Karaman, who, with the transfer of a machinist, discharged the trains by ın accelerating D the safety circuit settings, lar Don't be afraid, son, push! “To prevent the mechanists from inspecting them, boz These wagons are not suitable for this speed boz, today AKP deputies from Erzincan. On his page, under his name katkı Since the year 2003 of our Government as the state policy, with the adoption of High Speed ​​Train projects, especially in the 100 important railway project played a significant role in the implementation of the important railway project,, he writes. No bet on Pamukova. The accident that resulted in the death of eight people in Tavşancıl. 8'in 4'in defect is installed on its own administration. Then there was no one who resigned or was dismissed from the office except for the mechanics. You can also remember how Erdogan, the prime minister of the period, brushed up a journalist asking oran Will the Minister of Transport be going to resign? Dön. As in Pamukova, the punishment in Ankara will be again cut to 'the following'.

United Transport Workers' Union (BTS) Chairman Hasan Bektas Machinist According to data shared moment 12 534 thousand kilometer line in Turkey only 5 534 thousand kilometers signalization. The rest is managed by TMI method.

Ankara Branch President of BTS Ismail Özdemir also was the engineer of the years. He used the same grid locomotive two days before. He recognizes the mechanics who gave life in the accident, and shattered them inside: It's easy to make mistakes. We want urgent completion of the signaling and automation system and the immediate improvement of the conditions Sinyal

When you read this article other trains are moving on those tracks.

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