Trains in a Level Crossing in Aliağa

aliagada train on a level crossing tira carpti
aliagada train on a level crossing tira carpti

He was hit by a train carriage at a crossing in Aliağa, Izmir. There were no casualties or injuries.

The accident occurred at night in Yeni Foça-Aliağa highway level crossing at HABAŞ junction. According to information received, Biçerova B freight train 33053, which carried the expedition to Nemrut Port, A Ç. (44) led by 15 HG 252 license plate hit the truck. With the impact of the impact, the tractor threw the gabari measuring pole. Accident 20 meter drifted in the accident, the driver who survived the accident A Ç. he said that he hadn't seen a train at the crossing, and that he had been unharmed because his seat belt had been fastened. Biçerova rut Nemrut Harbor railway closed to traffic. After the accident with the crane called to the region, the freight train continued its expedition. An investigation was launched against the accident.

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