Transfer Center and Parking Lot

transfer center and parking lot
transfer center and parking lot

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is signing the Terminal and Parking project, which will breathe Üçkuyular, which has become an important transfer point in urban public transportation. Citizens who leave their private cars to the parking lot with a capacity of 841 cars can easily go to where they want by metro, tram, bus or ferry.

Located at the intersection of the metro, tram, bus and ferry, the Üçkuyular region will have a transfer center for the Municipality and district buses and a parking lot for 841 vehicles with the new investment of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. On the one hand, the Metropolitan Municipality, which continues the excavation works for the construction of the F.Altay-Narlıdere Metro line, with a budget of 1 billion liras, will meet another important need in the region with the project of Üçkuyular Terminal and Car Park, which has a total construction area of ​​48 thousand 906 square meters. The local administration of İzmir, which comes to the end of infrastructure and ground construction in the construction area consisting of a terminal floor below the road level and a 3-floor parking lot underground, will complete the works and open the terminal and parking lot by the end of 2019.

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Citizens who leave their private car to the parking lot, can easily go anywhere they want by metro, tram, bus or ferry. With the Üçkuyular Terminal and Car Park project, integration of district minibuses with other types of transportation will be ensured.



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