Train Accident Confession from AKP's Aydın Ünal

akpli aydin unaldan admits train crash
akpli aydin unaldan admits train crash

Aydın Ünal, who worked as a copywriter for President Erdoğan for 8 years and was elected as an AKP deputy for two terms, reacted to the conspiracy allegations regarding the cause of the train accident in Ankara and wrote that the cause of the accident was the lack of signaling.

Former President Erdoğan's copywriter, former AKP MP Aydın Ünal wrote about the reason for the high-speed train accident in Ankara.

Unal, in his column in the New Dawn, "Full day in Turkey declare that Space Agency's establishment, our people an important science, Professor Dr. We lost Berahittin Albayrak in a train accident. Conspiracy theories suddenly started flying, ”he said,“ No. There is no conspiracy. It is simply a lack of signaling. There is nothing more than 'signal' in the country, however… If the "signal" was where it should be, maybe there would be no accident, maybe 9 lives would not be lost, "he said. (News Left)



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