Akçaabat Cable Car Project OK Producer Company Wanted

akcaabat ropeway project is a complete company
akcaabat ropeway project is a complete company

The project was completed for the construction of a cable car system to reach a station to be constructed at the upper part of the central neighborhood site from Akçaabat coast and from there to Akçatepe facilities. The starting station of the cable car will be at the sea side of the Republic Park, the second station at the rear of Ortamahalle and the last station at Akçatepe. The cable car project with an approximate line length of 4613 m will be implemented in a short time.

Research is carried out for investors who will implement the ropeway project in accordance with the conditions.

The cable car will be an important investment in terms of transportation and the image of the city as well as tourism, where citizens can see the coastal area of ​​Akçaabat and the Environment from the air, where they can witness unique landscapes that are not satisfied with the course as they climb up.

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