AK Party Bursa Deputy Esgin, Fast Track Followers

ak party bursa deputy esgin speed trainer
ak party bursa deputy esgin speed trainer

AK Party Deputy Bursa Mustafa Esgin talked about the 180 daily work and talked about the fastest train in the conversation with the event writers.
In the process ...
Esgin, who visited the construction site, contacted the General Director of TCDD and asked for support from the Minister of Treasury and Finance, who brought him to the agenda in front of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan at the Kızılcahamam Camp, and met with the Minister of Transport, Esgin said:
Layıp There are no endless projects. There is a political will to end this project prematurely, despite its savings policies. Tasarruf
The project is not only high-speed train, but also freight transportation. Esgin also stressed this:
Var There is also a freight train in the project. Anatolia will bring the industrial zones to the port and also affect the cost of transportation. It is necessary to give priority because it will pay off itself. Kendini
Reminding that the freight train was connected to the Port of Bandırma:
”We will have a Gemlik connection, but the Bandırma line will also provide the Izmir link to the high-speed train.“
Agenda ...
TCDD General Manager's ”Yenişehir Airport in the 7 in minutes with the high speed train from the gate Yen is also the opening of the Bursa-Yenişehir line first.Ahmet Emin Yılmaz)


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