Afyonkarahisar Public Buses are Under Tracking with Camera System!

afyonkarahisarda public buses with camera system under follow 1
afyonkarahisarda public buses with camera system under follow 1

Yüntaş A.Ş., which provides public transportation services in the city, enables the passengers and vehicle drivers to travel in a safe environment with the security cameras in Public Buses. Equipped with all the 40 buses inside the camera and the cameras showing the inside of the bus, the Directorate of Bus Operations can solve our public transportation vehicles in possible traffic in a short time with the help of camera images on the detection and solution of many judicial incidents such as compression, fighting, harassment and theft.

Thanks to the cameras that can easily see every aspect of the bus, the recorded images are transmitted to the bil Camera Monitoring Management Center ar on-line. The system which is continuously recorded during the time the buses are in motion, is monitored by the IT personnel and the buses are kept under control. When the records are archived, thanks to the cameras, the passengers can access all points of our city safely.


Yüntaş A.Ş., who stated that the events subject to the complaint were detected in a more healthy way thanks to the security cameras installed in the vehicle. Officials of the Bus Operations Directorate, said. Gibi Camera monitoring systems are used in order to provide better service to the passengers traveling in public transportation vehicles within the scope of Bus Operation Directorate; It also provides benefits to our drivers such as attack, fight, harassment, burglary, complaint, etc. In cases where we receive complaints, audits are made on the system as well as the events that are subject to complaints received. The images about the events recorded by the cameras are transmitted to the police and judicial institutions in exchange for the minutes and the data are shared. Kam


In addition, citizens, our Whatsapp Notice Line 0533 924 30 89 number, as well as social media and e-mail address to our bus operator through the complaints, requests and suggestions are evaluated by those concerned in a short time the problems are resolved.

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