Between Adana and Gaziantep Will Fall to 1,5 Hours with High Speed ​​Train

adana will fall to 15 hour by speed train from gaziantep
adana will fall to 15 hour by speed train from gaziantep

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan, high-speed train lines, the ministry in the coming years will be an important and priority projects, specifying more economical and safe railway service to spread across the country to prepare new projects, he said.

Turhan, garden-Nurdağı in Gaziantep Nurdağı district Fevzipaşa Variant Speed ​​Rail Project, said in a statement after the meeting held at the site, said that Turkey has in recent years continued to projects that emits a countrywide high-speed train operation.

Turhan said that one of them was Mersin-Adana-Osmaniye-Gaziantep line and that they had converted the conventional railway line into a high-speed train line. Turhan, 294 kilometer Gaziantep-Adana railway line will fall to 226 kilometers, emphasizing the geometric standards of this place will be improved by beating.

”We will reduce the time between Adana and Gaziantep by 1,5 by high speed train“

Turhan pointed out the importance of the line in question and said, kilometre We are eliminating the curves of the railway line and eliminating the high slopes and reducing the 68 to 226 mileage between tunnels and the viaducts between Adana and Gaziantep. Passenger trains around 5,5 hours between Adana-Gaziantep, the speed of the train will be reduced to 1,5 hours.

Turhan, the continuation of the project between Mersin-Adana 67 kilometers in the travel time of one hour will be reduced to 30 minutes, he said.

”We will spread the railway service across the country“

Minister Turhan made the following explanations on the railway projects:

Uz Of course, we see time as the most precious value in our age. We aim to use this time in the production field by producing human resources, not the way the labor passes. High speed train lines and high speed train lines in our country will be important and priority projects of our ministry in the coming years. We are preparing new projects to expand the more economical and safer rail service across the country. Daha

The most important part of the Mersin-Adana-Gaziantep route is the Nurdağı Fevzipasa Variant. Turhan said that they would like to complete this service as soon as possible.

Turhan also touched upon the effects of rising project standards. Toplam In the current operating conditions, the total 57 mileage here was taking 80 minutes. After we put our new route into service, we will drop it to 15 minutes. For this freight train, dakik Our passenger trains covered the distance 60 in minutes. If the duration of the trip is 10 minutes, this will decrease. N

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