Minister Turhan: "We Have Completed 45 Percent of Railway Signalization Studies"

we are developing signaling systems on turhan railway lines
we are developing signaling systems on turhan railway lines

Cahit Turhan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, stated that they developed electrification and signaling systems to make the railway lines safer and said, "We have completed 45 percent of them throughout the country." said.

Minister Turhan, in his speech in Gaziantep Governor's visit, the Southeastern Anatolia Region Gaziantep and noting that Turkey is the most rapidly developing city, with nearly exporting the city's $ 7 billion in Turkey's largest exports, the 6. He said that the provincial position.

Pointing out that the infrastructure services of such a rapidly growing city should also develop rapidly, Turhan said, “In this sense, it was concluded that some intersections on the ring road and D-400 highway should be improved and new intersections should be built in order to improve the existing highway transportation infrastructure in Gaziantep. We gave instructions to the General Director of Highways about this. " he spoke.

Turhan, the southern railway line through the city to facilitate the rapid passage of the railroad launched to make the GaziRay Project ordered to be completed as soon as possible, said:

“The railroad issue is an important painful memory of our country from the past. With the AK Party governments coming to power, the railway issue has been turned into a state policy. We improved all of our railway lines in order to rehabilitate and improve our existing railway lines and to provide a safe and comfortable service. Now we are developing our electrification and signaling systems to automate our lines to make these lines safer. We completed 45 percent across the country. We continue our work in this region. "

Turhan, Turkey's high-speed train introduced by the AK Party government that only in Istanbul, Ankara and will be limited to keep the Konya line Ankara-Izmir, said the Ankara-Sivas and Mersin-Adana-Osmaniye-Gaziantep continues to work in line.

Turhan pointed out that the current conventional line now provides transportation from Gaziantep to Adana in 5 hours and 10 minutes, and when the works are completed, the time will decrease to 1,5 hours, and the Dörtyol-Hassa Project will shorten the road to the Iskenderun Bay in order to ensure the transportation of Gaziantep by sea. He emphasized that they have completed their work and that they will start the project in 2019 and take Gaziantep to the port in a shorter and faster way.

Divided road works

Turhan stated that in order to improve the state highway in addition to the TAG Highway, the missing divided road works between Gaziantep and Nurdağı will also start next year.

Stating that the terminals of Gaziantep Airport will be enlarged and they have started the construction works of the terminals containing 6 bellows system, Turhan said, "Gaziantep Airport has an ILS (Instrument Landing System) device at the category 2 level and it works." said.

The Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan, the terminals of the airport in the work related to the enlargement of the work not to stop the attention, the new terminals in the year 2020 will open the service, the old will also use the international lines, he said.

Mr. Turhan added that the project work on ensuring the integration of the logistics center with the big need of the industry and integration with the transportation systems is continuing.

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