Turkey's most beautiful railway routes

The most beautiful railway routes turkiyenin
The most beautiful railway routes turkiyenin

For the last few years we have been sleeping with the Eastern Express. But it's not just the train journeys that you can enjoy by enjoying the beauties of the country. Here are the most beautiful railway routes in Turkey ...

In most of our geography, winter conditions showed itself. Snowy peaks, exuberant streams, faded leaves that carry the traces of autumn, like a table tablo Take a train journey nowadays. Unlike the world of chaos in which a single result has been reached in many ways, you can go one way to your destination. In this journey, you will be accompanied by a diversity of people, who will be the same as the richness of the geography you change. As you travel, you will know Anatolia and yourself better. Here are some of the most beautiful train journey can be done in Turkey today and will pass in front of the window like a filmstrip ...

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