Final Touches Are Made in the Restoration of Söke Train Station

The last turnings are made in Soke railway station restoration
The last turnings are made in Soke railway station restoration

The restoration work of Söke Train Station, which has been continuing for a while, has come to an end. Evaluating the rapidly progressing restoration works, AK Party Aydın Deputy and MKYK Member Metin Yavuz said, '' The restoration work continues to be done quickly. Now we can say that it has come to an end. Work will be completed very soon, "" he said.

In the last month, the restoration of the Söke Train Station, which continues to work in the new Söke station chief Sadık Satılmış Sener and TCDD Regional manager information about the work of the AK Party Aydin Deputy MP and MKYK Member Metin Yavuz, the restoration work has come to an end, he said will be completed soon.

Yavuz said in a statement, "" our region of choice Söke'le will be remembered a few weeks ago, I made some visits. One of these visits was the Söke Train Station station chief. Our new station manager, Sadık Satılmış Şener, has just started working in his new position and conveyed our success to him. As a result of the evaluations we made, I shared with the citizens that the restoration works will be completed in a short time. Not a lot, most of the restoration work was completed after a few weeks and now we can say that we are going towards the end. The work continues very quickly. I think that if this continues rapidly, restoration works will be completed very soon. Mr. Mehmet Cahit Turhan, the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, who did not spare his support, was appointed as General Manager of TCDD. İsa Apaydınand TCDD 3. I would like to thank our Regional Manager Mr. Selim Koçbay. Bölge

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