Site Delivery of 7-Storey Car Park in Gebze OK

The delivery of 7 car park
The delivery of 7 car park

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality took an important step to eliminate the parking problem in Gebze bazaar and delivered the area to be parked. In the past months, the Metropolitan has held a tender for the construction of a 7-storey car park on Kızılay Street, located in the bazaar of Gebze district, and Özgür Modern Yapı, with its offer of 11 million 888 thousand TL, awarded the tender. kazanhad been. Tender for the construction of a 14-storey car park with a total construction area of ​​890 square meters. kazanThe site was handed over to the company.

After the tender, the Metropolitan Municipality delivered the construction to the contractor firm and started the construction. The contractor firm of the car park will be completed within a short time. 360 basement floor, ground floor and 3 normal floor will be located in total 3 car park. 7 vehicle capacity to be built. 497 will be able to park every floor of the car park. In addition, thanks to the sensors in the parking lots, it is possible to see the spaces in the car park entrance.

7 / 24 camera and security system can be controlled in the parking lot, with the 630 and 800 kg capacity will be folded by two elevators. There will also be a new generation of LED lighting in the car park, fire detector system, fire alarm system, lightning protection system (lightning arrester) and equipment such as generator system to be used in power outages.

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