Inquiry Regarding Train Accidents from Tüzün, CHP

Questionnaire on the train accidents from the salt salt
Questionnaire on the train accidents from the salt salt

CHP Bilecik MP Yaşar Tüzün has brought the issue about the train wars, which has occurred many times, into the agenda of the Parliament with a motion on the question.

Tüzün Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan's response to the Presidency of the Parliament asks to respond; whether the audits were carried out and whether the necessary investigations were opened.

Yaşar Tüzün gave the following questions in his motion:

1- Which criteria are applied when hiring a controller, a dispatcher, a trainman (switchman) and a mechanic working in the TCDD?

2- Are there training criteria for employees such as controllers, cutters, mechanics? Germany, England Is there any difference in the level of education with workers in countries such as Japan?

3- How often is the updating of employee information updated through in-service trainings? Which companies and who are these trainings? Is education support provided from abroad?

4- working controller in Turkey, machinist, switchman, what is the difference in monthly fees of employees doing the same job with the railroad workers in developed countries?

5- daily working hours of working in the railways in Turkey Is there any difference between working hours in the developed countries?

6- At what intervals, how and by whom are the inspections of the employees on the railways? What kind of audits have been made in 2018 and what are the investigations and the results of these audits?

7- While signaling systems are available in developed country railways, why has signaling systems not been installed in Turkey's railway lines?

Günceleme: 20/12/2018 11:19

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